Sarah Tressler, Houston Chronicle Reporter, Fired For Moonlighting as Stripper

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Sarah Tressler, a 30-year-old reporter who was fired by the Houston Chronicle because of her second job as a stripper, has filed a formal complaint against her former newspaper employer, alleging sex discrimination.

Tressler was working as a society and general assignment reporter for the Chronicle and writing an anonymous blog entitled "Diary of an Angry Stripper" when another paper, the Houston Press, revealed her part-time profession.

She said the major newspaper fired her "because of a claim that I did not disclose on my employment application that I worked as an exotic dancer."

"I feel that women should not be denied other employment because they have worked as an exotic dancer," said Tressler, in response to her dismissal.

Tressler has hired high-profile attorney Gloria Allred and filed a charge of gender discrimination with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Allred said Tressler was stripping as an independent contractor, not an employee, so she had no reason to list exotic dancing on her job application.

"Most exotic dancers are female, and therefore terminating an employee because they had previously been an exotic dancer would have an adverse impact on women, since it is a female dominated occupation," Allred said.

Sarah Tressler getting canned ...


I don't understand why businesses freak over people who are dancers. It is legal. How does this reflect 'badly' in the company? Stupid, knee jerk reaction to fire her. Idiots.


What does this have to do with her being a woman??? Men are "strippers" too. So pulling the women-card is total bullcrap. A company, especially a newspaper, has every right to fire your ass if what you do in your downtime reflects badly on the company you work for or draw the company's image into question. So tired of Gloria Allred representing the whitetrash of the world.


Good! Her ass should be canned! I want to smoke pot but my work drug tests! Don't you feel sorry for me? You can't have your cake and eat it to! Grow up and close your fucking legs and get a real job! No Texas jury will side with her!


As all professionals in the journalism world should know more than anyone else...If they want the public to believe the things they write they must have a reputable reputation themselves. Anything unsavory in their life might be sought out at any time in the same manner that they might use to delve into other people's personal lives when they are writing a story about them.


She probably wasn't making that much as a reporter and had to find a way to supplement her income. If her stripping wasn't impacting her job performance as a stripper, she absolutely should not have been fired. Shame on the Chronicle for firing her and shame on the Press for revealing her part time job as a stripper.


she should have been able to keep her what...! Big deal...



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