Mila Kunis Saves Life of Employee, Remains Really Hot

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Mila Kunis has come up with a new, effective way to distract the gossip world from buzzing over a rumored romance: save the life of a 50-year old employee inside your home.

Kunis, Mila

Authorities tell TMZ that's exactly what happened on Saturday, as an unidentified man who works for Kunis collapsed at her Los Anegles residence, seizing, choking and coughing up blood.

The actress reportedly rushed into action, telling a friend to dial 911 and turning over the man's head )so that he wouldn't choke), while another friend shoved a wallet into his mouth to prevent tongue swallowing. Talk about quick thinking!

Paramedics eventually arrived on the scene and transported the man to the hospital, where he's already made a full recovery.

Late last month, Grey's Anatomy star Patrick Dempsey played hero in a similar way, coming to the aid of a motorist following a horrific car accident.



Wonder Woman exists, her secret ID is Mila Kunis.


Damn...maybe i drank the kool-aid w/out knowin it but geez she's gotten hotter in the last 4-5 years. Used to never think that about her, esp. during her 70's show tenure but now...MAN!


Milas publicist must be working lots of overtime to keep her name in he public eye...ashton kutcher, stalker, saving a mans life...what next...she's pregnant and getting married. I think she needs a new stylist and she's gotten a wee bit too chunky for her height...She should stay away from the skinny jeans really high heels won't work anymore. she may look just right in person but the camera does put on 10 pounds and she's short...She also needs a haircut/blunt hair looks straggly all the time. She should also wear it up more's most flattering to her features and shows off her excellent smile. Cut it short with long bangs...she'd be hotter looking and would take away from the weight gain.


Putting something in their mouth is extremely stupid. She should not be praised for this.


She told someone to call 911. What a hero!


+1 for turning the guy on his side and activating EMS. -100 for shoving anything into the mouth of a seizing or potentially chocking person.


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