Emily Maynard: Sort of Dissed By Brad Womack!

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The Bachelorette star Emily Maynard was apparently just dissed by her former fiance, Brad Womack, in a recent interview he gave. What did the guy say?

Asked about the 26-year-old single mother by his hometown ABC station, Brad allegedly said: “I think I dodged a bullet with that relationship.”

Yeah. If that's true, really not cool Brad.

Emily Maynard, Brad Womack Pic

Good thing Emily Maynard has a whole new group of guys to choose from on the new season of The Bachelorette, since Brad clearly wasn't The One.

Who will she choose now that she's the one doling out the roses for the ABC reality franchise, which airs tonight? That's yet to be determined.

The Bachelorette spoilers we've read and posted so far hint at some of the serious contenders, however, so check out that page if you're curious!

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Emily is a fake. I so hate her fake crying it drives me crazy. She's so indecisive, I personally thinks she requires a lot of unnecessary attention. However, I do think she's pretty and I love the way she dresses. But again she acts like a whiny little girl. Come on Em grow up. You are not in High School sweetie.


You people are so jealous of this beautiful woman. Get on with your average lives and shrek-like features and leave this hottie alone....


Emily is apparently very superficial with her breast augmentation, inch-thick makeup, and crazy expensive wardrobe demands. I just can't take her seriously when she speaks because of her her blindingly white, distracting veneers. Admittedly she seems super sweet but she is definitely a diva. She was always fierce about protecting her daughter and saying how she wants the paparazzi to stay away from them. But now she turns around and does the show (showcasing Ricki) when they offer her the right amount of dough. Go figure...very hypocritical


I wished they would make it.I wasn't sure myself about Emily.but I like her and Brad also.I wished they would tell what really happened between them.


does anyone know how she got so rich?


Emily is one of the most contradictory Bachelor contestant ever. She says she won't do the show, hated the limelight and now she's the Bachelorette. She wants to protect her daughter Ricki but lookie here Ricki is in the show! She complained about her dates with Brad as boring then her 1st date is baking cookies and a swanky country club? What happened to wanting to swim with the sharks or zip lining in the jungle or even going to an amusement park? Brad was right. He did dodge a bullet.


It was she who dodged the bullet. He is the biggest loser in town.


Well said Brad.something about her doesn't add up. Excuse me! I don't even see the beauty eevryone whines about.that girl is so damn fake. Wish the guys on her season luck,they certainly will need it with this bimbo.


Something about her face does not add up. She always looks as if she's scorning. I know it's weird but i think he's right about the freaking bullet


He's the one with issues (no one else has been on the show twice and still didn't find love). He's dissing her because she dumped HIM, and this no-class act proves that she's the one who dodged a bullet.

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