The Evolution of Lindsay Lohan's Face: 1986-Present

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We recently posted a photo morph video showing the changes in Britney Spears' face over the span of 30 years. Save for that bald-headed crazy stint, she's aged well and is still as beautiful as she was as a fresh-faced teen sensation.

Lindsay Lohan's face in the same video form? Hmm ...

We're not trying to imply anything, but do you think the morphing images below show an appearance shifting due to aging alone? Or are effects of drugs, alcohol and/or plastic surgery also evident in Lohan's transformation? You tell us:

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Girl you look pretty ugly


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oh come on, she's still so damn cuteeeeee


It's the difference of having good friends and a support system to help when we fall. That was my girl and I'll never knock her when she's down. She was very talented and had natural acting skills. She needed better protector from the time she started at such a young age. God take the wheel......Jesus take her hand...


Sad I had forgotten how pretty she once was.


No way! That was creepy, does she really look that way now?


What a sad outcome; she's still so young, yet looks like a middle-aged hard living woman.


thats so depressing, I actually used to like her and think she was very pretty especially when she actually had curves and cheeks. now she looks like a sunken in druggy... I feel sorry for her cuz thats what happens to celebs.


That is one of the scariest things I've ever seen!


.......... Extremely different, towards the end, in a bad way. definitly drugs alcohol, and plastic surgery.