Sex Robots: The Future of Prostitution?

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Will sex robots be the future of prostitution within decades?


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    The only good thing that will come out of all this is all those dirty prostitutes will lose their jobs and stop spreading diseases.So yea i think it ok :)


    Prostitution is legalized. It's called escort service. In fact it's better than prostitution because you're charging per hour than service and some guys don't even want sex. Win win.


    I think that the Sex Robots thing is a REALLY STUPID-ASS IDEA!!!!! And, besides, I agree with TruthAddict...let's just legalize prostitution ALREADY!!!!! Problem solved.


    I gotta have love mixed my sex. No exceptions!


    I hate it when people talk about DIRTY things as if they are life itself.It's SO SICK! to talk about sex like food.for crying out loud!why can't we think and talk about more productive things like how to make the world a better place and not how to ruin it!less sex,less sexually transmitted diseases and infections.less thought on sex,the less the immoral act controls you.and those having such a business(es) should get a life cos they're not living but DEAD!.from humans to ROBOTS?be sane for once in ur insane lives!


    Why not just legalize prostitution and be done with this silliness?

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