Sarah Silverman Abortion Tweet, Photo: Crossing a Line?

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Known for her dirty mouth and extreme views, has Sarah Silverman finally gone too far? Some may believe so.

The comedian sent out a Tweet over the weekend that included two photos and a caption. In the first image, she's joined by boyfriend Alec Sulkin and a puffed out belly. In the second, her stomach has returned to its regular size and it's accompanied by the words:

“Got a quickie aborsh in cas R v W gets overturned.”

Sarah Silverman Twit Pics

Silverman posted the Tweet in response to Mitt Romney becoming the presumptive Republican nominee for President. He referred to Roe vs. Wade last January as "one of the darkest moments in Supreme Court history."

What do you think of Silverman's actions? Funny and harmless? Or totally wrong and inappropriate? Did she cross a line?


Lets see chief political officer than earned the prez 300 million after SUCCESSFULLY graduating from college and serving in the NAVY and department of homeland security. I am EMPLOYED CURRENTLY. Covert your eyes IF u hate the truth. Department of defense. Department of ministry. Cdc, nih, epa, fema, gtf, opp. Deans list in college, purple heart for military service. Secret srvice. Media rep. I worry for a living.


Wasn't really preggers, obviously joking, doing it for attention


Extreme comments will definitely encourage estreme responses - it is the the U S Way...


Clearly irony is lost on Repugs. Sorry I meant Republicans.


Too Far.. If she was faking then its a sick joke. Nobody should post anything like tht nt even if ur getting ur point across


Is she totally insane or what that is live person she killed and thought nothing about it. What else is she else could she do without one thought? It really scares me straight.


I don't think her actions were any dumber than Romney's remarks about RvW. My body, my business!!!


She's a pig, nothing she says or does would surprise me. Kill a baby, big joke.... ha ha ha. Stupid bitch.


oh please, is sarah going to give the textsfrombennett tumblr writing credit when she gets her new show? just because bennett is her middle name doesn't mean it was her joke.


She's nothing more than a spoile little jewish girl with a big mouth, so what else is new?????

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Thank God for Jimmy, because all the things I don't like about myself are the things that he likes the most. Like my inner-thigh fat. He grabs it and he's like, 'I love this!'

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