Sarah Palin to Levi Johnston: You LIE!

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Get ready for Sarah Palin vs. Levi Johnston, Round 289!

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    Sarah should know a lie when she hears one. She's famous for them!


    Sarah Palin is such a self-righteous and homophobic B-I-T-C-H!!!!! She should concentrate on fixing her own failing marriage to her husband Todd and stay the fuck out of Levi Johnston's personal business!!!!! Case closed.


    If Levi is such a liar and deadbeat, why haven't the white trash hillbillies (Palin family) just go to court and have all his parental rights discontinued? I can tell you why! It's because they love bringing attention to themselves regardless of how small it makes them seem. On the other hand, "ignorance is bliss" and these people continue to reinforce this with their stupidity.


    Did Levi and TMZ plan the baby announcement on the same day Sarah was on The Today Show on purpose? Did TMZ attempt to reach the Palin's and Bristol? Is that why Sarah and Todd's reps responded and is that why Bristol's attorney responded to TMZ? Levi and his sister sell stories about the Palin's for profit. Why does Levi not pay his child support with some of the money he earns? Does Levi love the MONEY$$ he makes because he is the father of a Palin grandchild or does he love his son?


    Who cares! I wish this trashy family would shut and go away for good!!!


    Given how little time Tripp has spent in Alaska, I consider that a fairly slippery statement. I

    t's not like they've done anything to facilitate contact between Levi and his son... and from what Mercede says, when Levi's family does finally get to see Tripp, the visit is made as short as possible and there is never an invitation for both families to spend any time together for any reason.

    While Bristol claims she can't find babysitters and that's why she suffers so much social alienation, Mercede and her mother have been begging for time with the little guy.

    The fact that the eternal Palin victimhood press release agency put out yet another press release for no good reason says to me that what Levi says has *some* basis in fact. No contact in 2 years? What kind of concerned grandparent lets that much time pass without *some* kind of contact with the father of their grandchild, who lives in the same town?


    I start to gag whenever I even hear Levi Johnston's name. He's such a low life and I pity any family who becomes connected with him in any way. He's proven himself on many occasions to be untrustworthy, and a liar. He seems to be a small untalented poor excuse for a man who is only interested in getting attention. The media should get smart and just tune him out.


    I felt sorry for him in the beginning, but now I don't believe him because he seems now too stupid or lazy, or whatever, to put a little bitty "raincoat" on his little bitty man-part.

    And if either of these families were smart, they'd be keeping a detailed diary on when he asks for Levi and when he gets him for visitation so there's proof of what's actually going on should it ever be needed.


    You should have included a "They both should shut up and go far far away' option in this poll. :)

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