President Obama Voices Opposition to Minnesota Anti-Gay Marriage Bill

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Though he does not officially support gay marriage, President Obama voiced opposition to a proposed anti-gay marriage ballot measure in Minnesota today.

Obama for America Minnesota Communications Director Kristin Sosanie said:

"While the President does not weigh in on every single ballot measure in every state, the record is clear that the President has long opposed divisive and discriminatory efforts to deny rights and benefits to same sex couples."

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"That's what the Minnesota ballot initiative would do - single out and discriminate against committed gay and lesbian couples - and the President does not support it."

The proposed Minnesota marriage amendment reads simply, "Only a union of one man and one woman shall be valid or recognized as a marriage in Minnesota."

It's the second time in as many months Obama has weighed in on the issue.

The Obama campaign in North Carolina issued a statement in March with the same language in opposition to Amendment One, which would also define marriage in the state's constitution as between one man and one woman.

Just as in North Carolina, same-sex marriage is already banned by a statute in Minnesota. Unlike the North Carolina amendment, the Minnesota amendment does not mention civil unions or domestic partnerships.

Today's news comes after White House press secretary Jay Carney stated that First Lady Michelle Obama - in referencing how Supreme Court decisions will impact whether people can "love whomever we choose" - was not commenting about marriage equality.

Her husband, though "evolving" in his views on marriage equality, technically opposed marriage equality and supported civil unions in his 2008 campaign.


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Obama looks best when I see him in my rear view mirror. he looks as though he knows he is defeated. you can fool a fool all of the time & then there is the rest of us.


@Jennifer Put down the Kool-aid, hun! The whole hullabaloo over women's right being hampered by the conservatives was based on erroneous information regarding contraceptives. We Americans have paid for contraceptives and abortion for the poor for years! Obama Care just wants to force more companies and churches to comply to his healthcare mandate! The Dems have twisted this to mean that women are denied. They aren't! Women in business are definitely going to be victimized by Obama's policies and tax codes! I can't afford this man another four years. I run a business that employees several women. If I have to cut back, then his policies are hurting women economically. No. It's Romney in '12!


I think President Obama is doing a grat job! I wish he could speak up even stronger for lhbt rights, but he is by far the most supportive American president so far. Mitt Romney would put the country years back - concerning this issue as well as several others. Do we want women's rights from the 50's and the same economic policy that led to the crisis? No thanks. Vote Obama in November!


Obama is gay. He will come out if elected again.


He is running on empty. come on november.


Obama will say ANYTHING to get elected. Once that fact is realized then NOTHING the man says should surprise any of us! The only other mind-boggling thing he does as an incumbent candidate is deciding NOT to decided on certain issues till AFTER the election. Right. I can't believe the American people let him get away with such foolishness! Romney in 2012--and it can't come any too soon!


Gee, it's an election year for sure. I support gay rights, but not buying what Obama's selling. He will change his tune if elected again.


What does he mean? He does not support gay marriage but he is not against it? Is his teleprompter not working?

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