Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon Renew Wedding Vows in Paris

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Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon took a vacation this week to the most romantic city on the planet, and the famous couple made the most of it:

They renewed their vows in Paris!

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon in Paris

With the Eiffel Tower in the background and with Cannon donning a white tuxedo and Mariah in a similar-colored gown, Cannon got down on one knee once again and professed his love for his lovely wife.

It's not the first time the pair has renewed its vows, either.

With Rev. Al Sharpton officiating, Carey and Cannon did so last year in the hospital where twins Moroccan and Monroe were born. Speaking of those adorable tykes:

They turn one on Monday!


i think nick is awesome. he is hilarious on teennick and americas got talent. i dont like mariah and i dont think he does either. she needs to act her age before someone throws up


Did you notice she the only one smiling. Their original wedding photos were so beautiful. Why ruin that?


I always put God first in my life and yes, I'm very happy to be where I am today. But still, putting on show about renewing your vows and throwing some snap photos here and there every year, give me a big sign. Sorry, that just how I feel about different things. Mariah do need to stop playing the 20yrs old and act more her own age. Nick look like he is not feeling it and besides, he just got out of a hospital. Mariah, do need to stop pulling Nick around like he is some kind dress up male doll . Don't get me wrong, I do wish them the best and many more years to come. Till then, Mariah needs to grow up, learn to stop living the barbie world and get some clothes that can fits in a great way, not in a High School cheerleader in hooker mood way. I am not a hater, I'm just commenting my own opinion.


it very nice for them renew their vows means how much they care about each other and they look very cute together . it special day for them...


yall leave Mariah and Nick alone they are happy in love your just saying that cuz life ain't going the way you want it to. If you put God first everything will fall into place.


Yeah he looks like hes going before the firing sqad, not marrying the love of his life. Again. And she needs to face how old she is and realize shes not a 20 yr old sex symbol anymore and she just looks silly and like shes desperately hanging on to youth. Marrying that younger man doesnt alter YOUR age honey!


He definitely don't look happy, She still making plenty of money, I hope he's okay, Poor Dude. Their babies are so cute.


Nick, do look very sick and not happy at all on this photo. I'm with you Logan, why do Mariah be wearing them too little ass clothes? She do need start acting more her age then the average 20yr old. It is time to grow up honey, get some clothes that can fit you Mariah. Why do they have to renew their vows every year?


Renewing vows always seemed silly to me....Either you meant it the first time, or you didn't. Also, why does Mariah always wear clothing meant for someone 5 sizes smaller than she?


They dont look happy and in love, and he does not look well and healthy hopefully i'm wayyyyy off about both. I love to look a pictures and put my own caption. This one says
Nick: dang mom why did I have to wear this suite for my graduation" Mom: Nicki, just hold my hand ,come on smile for the camera"
Nick: OMG mom the suite is white and they didnt have any tolite paper in the restroom.
Mom: Nicki, just smile, NOW!

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