Levi Johnston, Sunny Oglesby Confirm Pregnancy

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Levi Johnston is going to be a dad, again. Having knocked up a girl he is not married to, again. His rep confirmed that Sunny Oglesby, Levi's girlfriend, is pregnant.

His rep confirmed the story to Us moments ago.

After welcoming son Tripp, 3, with ex-fiance Bristol Palin just after the 2008 election, the man, the myth, the legend is about to become a father a second time.

TMZ broke the news that Levi got Sunny Oglesby pregnant recently. She's a 20-year-old teacher who lives in his hometown and has dated him for over a year.

Levi Johnston, Sunny Oglesby

Sunny is not far along (first trimester) and not showing yet.

Johnston and the blonde, blue-eyed Oglesby (a native of Seaside, Oregon, before moving to Wasilla, Alaska) went public with their romance in December 2010.

Levi and Bristol Palin were engaged twice, from 2008-2009, and then briefly in 2010. The pair called it quits for good after that and are barely on speaking terms.

"Bristol wanted to have a baby," Johnston sniped to E! News in Septebmer 2011. "It all happened on purpose, and I was dumb enough just to roll with it."

This time he's psyched, though. Really. Probably.

[Photo: TMZ]


ewwwwwww ugly


She is not a teacher, she works at a daycare.


How is a 20-year-old a "teacher"? Please don't insult all the college educated, credentialed individuals who worked hard for 4 to 5+ years to rightfully become a teacher!


Child support,,thays how hes gonna be expending his money.for the next 18 yrs of his life....sex its no.cheap!!! Condoms are!!!!


This is becoming a case of the girls being perhaps more careless than Levi, sort of like a "fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me" type of thing. Everyone needs to take responsibility for what they do, and this is not ONLY on Levi. She should know that he has knocked up another girl out of wedlock as a teenager (The whole reason he's even "famous") and would probably not hesitate to do the same with her, so it's on her to protect herself from him if she does not want to get pregnant. That said, I used the word 'famous' extraordinarily loosely. He is not famous and she is the textbook example of someone not famous, so it's really no one's business who he has unprotected sex with.


Good luck..best wishes...yet the whole world didnt need to know everytime his knocks up some one and that he is not married too..dont care


Good luck..best wishes...yet the whole world didnt need to know everytime his knocks up some one....lol


Ugh...gross..& who cares???

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