Korean Christian Groups Call to Ban Lady Gaga, "Pornographic" Show

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Lady Gaga is under fire in Korea - and not even from the Northern half.

Christian groups in South Korea called on Friday for the pop star to cancel her concert there, saying it's "pornographic" and pro-homosexuality.

South Korea's government has already bowed to public pressure and banned people under 18 from attending, but certain protesters said that was not enough.

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"Even adults can't see her performance which is too homosexual and pornographic," said Rev. Yoon Jung-hoon, organizer of "Civilians Network against the Lady Gaga Concert."

"Some people can simply accept this as another culture but its impact is huge beyond art and debases religions."

The singer's hit song "Born This Way" celebrates the empowerment of gay men and women, something that many in South Korea, which is the second most Christian country in Asia after the Philippines, say is an immoral lifestyle.

No word if they've even heard the Lady Gaga hermaphrodite rumor.

The star has been in Seoul for close on a week as she kicks off her Asian "Born this Way" tour. So far, the backlash doesn't seem to have fazed her.

"Nervous for tonight. Hope I make little monsters happy and proud," she Tweeted a few hours before the concert kicked off.

Yoon's group claims to have collected 5,000 supporters on Facebook against the concert and some have also called for a boycott of the sponsor Hyundai.

"The Christian Council of Korea with 12 million Christians and 55,000 churches will take all kinds of measures such as boycotting Hyundai to root out this kind of obscene culture," the council said in a statement.

Yoon said he would attend the concert to "monitor" the much-anticipated performance for homosexual content that could corrupt young people.

Have fun with that.


Why is she wearing a sanitary towel...?


Lady Gaga is corrupt... and a demonic instrument. She has to be stopped from her occult deeds that poison young minds. Thank Korea for being a Christian country.!!


She has to be ban completely to perform.


Dude, Born This Way is one song. How could you be "bringing down morals and ethics" by singing one song about expressing gay rights?
Hm, I don't even know. Half of the 'haters' that comment/commented on this website don't know anything about Gaga besides the typical: "Oh she's weird, has an unusual wardrobe, and she's gay too!? Oh, I don't like her."


Go Korea!!!


What happened to freedom of expression? These religious nuts never seem to learn that by trying to ban something or someone that makes them uncomfortable, makes them no different from the regime in North Korea, or any other totalitarian system for that matter. Any adult should be able to decide for themselves what music, concert, movies, etc. to enjoy without interference by oppressive religious wackadoos.


Well, I think there are better ways than this to promote gay rights. If anything she's setting them back. My feeling is she's promoting herself more than anything, and it's trashy, trashy, trashy.


If Lady Gaga wants to promote gay rights, deal with it. It's not her fault that YOU can't except it. If you don't like it, leave it to the government, but with all her millions of followers, she's doing just fine.


i gota give props to the rev yoon jung hoon for wanting to protect the korean youth from lady gagas trash. not every country wants her sloppy rederic


Trang is not a idiot. What's idiotic is using a fake penis and calling yourself a dude...What's idiotic is getting a "sex change" when technically, you haven't changed your sex, you just got cosmetic surgery. A female tranny is just a man with silcone balloons in his chest to LOOK like breast (Even though they are, in the real anatomy, not boobs) and a sliced and inverted penis FASHIONED to look like a vagina! Vice versa for tranny males! They are still women, but with more exposed clits and no boobs. These are not sex changes but society calls them that...Unless you can completely alter a human's genetic, DNA build, there is no such thing as a sex change. Men has sperm and testes, women have ovaries. Man + Woman =Offspring DUHHHH! Don't fight the laws of nature to please lustful passions. I agree with the Christians view of homosexuality. It's not natural. Your body is the proof.

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