Jessica Rae Sacco Case: Five Arrested For Ohio Woman's Disappearance, Murder

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Local police have arrested five people they believe were involved in the death of Ohio woman Jessica Rae Sacco, who was found dead in her apartment about 40 miles northwest of Columbus a week ago Friday, according to reports.

According to CBS affiliate WBNS, investigators said that they believed 21-year-old Sacco's on again-off again boyfriend Matthew Puccio, 25, stabbed her around March 22, suffocated her with a bag and dismembered her body.

Jessica Rae Sacco Suspects

Authorities also believe that with the help of others, he then transported body parts to other locations. According to NBC's WDTN-TV, his bond is more than $532,000.

Puccio was arrested along with a man and woman from Fenton, Mich.

Felony charges against the Michigan couple and a man and woman from Urbana allege they failed to intervene during the killing or helped to hide it, police said.

Their bonds ranged from $30,000-42,500. Two will appear in court in Fenton, and two in Hamilton, where they were arrested, to determine if they'll be sent to Fenton.

Neighbors said Sacco and Puccio had a volatile relationship.

"Jessica was a very nice girl and kept to herself most of the time," said neighbor Aaron Gall.

An autopsy on Sacco was done over the weekend and police said they believe she was killed about a week before she was found, police believe the main suspect acted alone in killing Sacco and then received help from the Fenton man to move and dismember the body.

Police allege that the Fenton couple helped transport some of the remains to Covington, Ky., about 90 miles away.

They said they found evidence there but wouldn't elaborate.


hard to believe even for the insane murderer,matthew puccio, that 4 others aided him, rather than stopping the murder, or at least calling the police. all the killers look like lost souls, as though evil acts make life better, as opposed to helping each other. fear of puccio may have played a role, a weak version of charlie manson and his "family". drugs and booze are not far from this modern "clan" who meet at a library of all places. solution? abolish facebook asap!


U know what bothers me the MOST??? The name of this website is HOLLYWOOD GOSSIP. Casey Anthony is now a celebrity!!!!! And these are pictures of alleged murderers. Why these kinds of news MIX??? This is the most surreal part for me. I am disgusted with murder news, of course, but I am even MORE disgusted if they appear ALLONG with celebrities, that nowadays u just need to APPEAR to be famous. I will not be surprised if Casey Anthony appears in Playboy and DAncing With the "STARS".


I'm really bothered by this disgusting news...I would like to see a photo of Jessica Sacco, to place a face and say a prayer for her..


This kind of thing is just disgusting. I think we're all getting tired of having to hear about (or report on) cases of brutal violence against innocent people. And then the other clowns who were arrested for helping to transport the body or being "accomplices" to the crime? Come on. An innocent person was murdered and you didn't even KNOW her or have any reason to want her dead, but you still assisted in the killing and/or disposing of her body, just because you were bored on a Tuesday evening or needed some quick cash? What in the HELL is WRONG with you? There are millions of extremely hardworking people out there who, when bored, watch Netflix or go to the mall and, when in need of money, GO TO WORK. You can get money for taking bottles or cans or old clothes in to a depot. You can get money for washing people's windows or setting up a damn lemonade stand. There is no excuse good enough for what these people have done.