Anderson Cooper Giggles Uncontrollably During Dyngus Day Segment, Walks Off Set [VIDEO]

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Anderson Cooper just cannot keep it together sometimes.

The CNN anchor, whose laughter famously got the best of him last year during a story on Gerard Depardieu (or Depard-two if you will), lost it again last night.

The giggling started during a segment about Dyngus Day (a Polish holiday marking the end of Lent) and progressed to the point of sheer ridiculousness.

A voiceover describing the holiday's traditions was the tipping point. Once the words "a tap from a pussy willow branch" were uttered, AC checked out.

Watch the Dyngus Day segment, followed by Anderson Cooper's hilarious giggling display - which got so bad he had to get up and leave - below:


I've seen Anderson work long and hard during major disasters, and be is usually front and center as with his reports on Hurricane Katrina. He continues to host a Nightly News show while having a daytime show as well. With so much serious journalism that he has to report each Night, it is a welcomed relief to see that even a seasoned reporter like Anderson Cooper can have a good laugh while at the News desk. By Now I think some of us would recognize AC's giggle in a crowded room.
I missed this particular News segment. Thanks for sharing!!


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