Trayvon Martin PSAs: Chaka Khan, Other Celebrities, Ordinary People Pay Tribute to Slain Teen

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A pair of videos - one featuring celebrities, one starring ordinary people - have surfaced online as public service announcements and tributes to Trayvon Martin.

In the first, singer Chaka Khan enlists help from celebrity friends Kelly Price, Eric Benét, Eva Pigford, Kenny Latimore, Terry Crews, Angela Bassett, Kimberly Elise and Loretta Devine, creating this public service announcement for Trayvon Martin:

Donning a black hoodie, Chaka sings “A mama’s cryin’ ’cause another young man has gone and died. He’s not some statistic. He’s an awesome destiny denied.”

In a second video, filmmakers from Newark, N.J., assembled 30 African-American males to lend their voices to speak out on the Trayvon Martin case and the way they believe black males are being perceived in the media and society.

They, too, wear hooded sweatshirts as audio of a 911 dispatcher speaking to George Zimmerman, and Geraldo Rivera's comments, play in the background:

The tributes are moving, however, some have suggested that Martin becoming a national symbol and media obsession has indirectly led to bias against George Zimmerman, who claims self-defense and has not been charged with a crime.

Martin's death is a tragedy and the public is right to question why an unarmed teen was slain. Yet making Trayvon into a martyr or entertainment form oversimplifies a complex matter does little to honor his memory - or the accused's right to due process.

It's important to consider all sides of the issue. Do you agree?

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Ahahaha @mikeys wife..."we're all black when the lights are out" that is an interesting statement!


This whole thing smells like a Rat! Wasting time- investigation should be over! We all know that " THEY" did it! Damn it! Where are the Warrants?


@Calico, George should have listened to 911 but he didn't. Shows poor judgement but nothing more. So he realizes he is in over his head. George walks back to his truck and the kids follows him. Starts beating Zimmerman and gets his piece taken from him. George gets the gun back and shoots Trayvon. You want stats, look them up. Prisons are mainly occupied by african americans of ALL AGES.


Its amazing how some folks use a persons past as almost a justification for their present demise. So what that kid was expelled for a plastic bag with marijuana residue? George still should have obeyed the instructions of the 911 operator. What was really in his mind and heart? Question? How many unarmed non-black children have been killed like this? Off the cuff! How many non black unarmed citizens have been killed by non-white police?


Joivelle - Ahhhhh - NO! I would buy " THEY" as the Media slandering his name- But not killed. I doubt anyone would want to misdirect the blame of someone murdering their loved one! No- that's something you point directly. Again? WHO is THEY- killing my son?


just to clear up somethings, when Trayvon's family uses the word THEY, she is referring to everyone who is trying to cover it up..........meaning THEY KILLED HER SON!!!!!!!!!!!


First off let me just give my condolences to the family of Trayvon, especially the mother. It is very sad to here of a child's demise in such a senseless way. Trayvon did not have to die like that, this could of been avoided if Mr. Zimmerman would have kept his distance and just called the police if something seemed suspicious and waited. He would of seen that the young man was heading home and minding his own business. To those who choose to make insensitive remarks about the victim who was killed and his family this comment is for you: Mr. Zimmerman has fabricated some of his story about what happened between the two of them and it is just a matter of time before his story which has holes and flaws will eventually bring the truth to light. You can only surpress lies for so long before all the truth comes out and that will be the downword spiral demise of Mr. Zimmerman. It may not happen overnight but eventually the truth alwasys win.


@wifey.....Trayvons mother is already makin the bank off of her son's death. Trademarks sayings. If she had been more of a mother when her son was busted with marijuana he would still be alive today. Zim did some dumb things but Trayvon was not a saint! Stop actin like he is.


black or white a young man was killed & no matter wat color he was nothing can bring him bak! the person who killed him deserves to b killed as well!!! granted if it were ayoung white male the killer wuld already b sentenced,but thats how America is now!!! either way trayvon shouldnt hav lossed his life& now ppl are tryna say he shouldnt b in the news or hisfam on tv well i say yes the f#*k he should & i hope his fam makes $ fo wat happened to him becuz they deserve it! NO amount of $ will brng him bak!!! So to the comments above STOP BN RACIST F#*KIN IDIOTS & TRY & FOCUZ ON THE REAL ISSUE & NOT BOUT WAT COLOR PPL ARE!!! its 2012 grow up & learn that even tho we are diff colors in light we are black wen the lights are off!!!


@ Racist Neci- I have Jesus- he is asking me what he should do with you.