The Bachelor's Kacie Boguskie on Selling Out Courtney Robertson: Had to Be Done!

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Kacie Boguskie did what she (or the producers) had to do.

That's how she explains traveling all the way to Switzerland just to "warn" Ben Flajnik about Courtney Robertson on last week's episode of The Bachelor.

With Southern charm, bright eyes and a big heart, it was easy to see why so many people fell in love with Kacie B. and were rooting for her over Court.

Alas, Ben was not one of those people.

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Speaking with reporters about her hometown date gone awry, her trip to Europe and if she thinks Ben Flajnik and his fiancee will last, she had this to say:

On her elimination: "I definitely didn't think it was me. When it got down to one rose, I thought that Nicki would be going home. I was shocked."

On why she went to Switzerland after getting axed: "Initially, I was not going there in search of a second chance. I really wanted closure."

"I had to make my peace about Courtney, because I care. Of course, there was a little part of me that hoped he'd be like, "I made a mistake. Stay."

On why she cares so much about Courtney: "I have a problem with somebody who has two sides, because I don't know which is really you."

"She was manipulating – I'm not sure who she manipulated more, us or him."

On whether her hometown date sent Ben running for the hills: "As much as I'd like to think Tennessee and California aren't that different, they are."

"He wanted to live with whoever he [picked], and he owns a winery, so those are two things in his life that don't line up with my parents' views."

"If whoever I'm with doesn't mesh [with my family], that causes problems."

On whether he should pick Lindzi Cox or Courtney Robertson: "I'm Team Lindzi. I love Lindzi, but it seems like he and Courtney get along great."

"At the end of the day, it's what makes him happy. If they are a great couple, who are we to judge? If they are meant to be together, they should be."

On her own romantic status update: "Still single. Watching has helped me get over it. I'm in a great place and ready to see who I meet next."

Who do you think Ben should choose on the March 12 finale?


And I am still waiting for the other girls to apologize to Courtney for the way they treated her. I remember all the badmouthing they did, as well as run to Ben with every minuscule detail about Courtney that they could muster up. How would you feel if you walked in the room and everyone got quiet? And in their own words, she stayed in her room a lot. Wonder why? They were nothing but a bunch of whiny babies who couldn't handle any little negative comment. It was a competition after all!!! They were ugly until the very end, even at the Women Tell All. They all sounded like a bunch of heckling hens. And when I saw Kacie laughing out loud and high-fiving Nicki and Emily after they showed the segment with Kacie splatting a spider in reference to Courtney, that sealed the deal for me. Three very immature, bitter, and callous individuals, that love to kick someone when they're down. Karma is a b-tch, Ladies. Get ready!


I dont belive that there could be people that see her as nice kind person who is real. Dont u people watch the Bachelor, in there she is like a bitch stupid little child who needs to grow her ass up and for god sake shes like 28 and she acts like total 5th grader wati my bad shes acts like kidergarden, but at least she knows how to fool people as much as little stupid ben. As i said befor countney is a SLUT. BITCH, WHORE. I mean who goes skiny dipping on national tv. all the othere girls are human beings. that all


Talking about being real. All other girls are real and have hearts unlike Court who is a total fake spoiled brat, and immature.


Just wanted to say I like what Rich wrote. Beside Courtney, those girls deserve a REAL man. They are more beautiful and sweet than Courtney. I don't care if Courtney is a model or not, she is not even pretty like some ppls think. And I don't know how there is some ppls defend Courtney. Just like Emily said, no excuse, doesn't matter what the circumstances is, you don't treat ppls nasty and being rude. Emily is my favorite. Kacie B is sweet and suit Ben but Ben is too dumb and got manipulated by Courtney. I'm sorry to say. Courtney is not nice in the first place and Ben is not so great either so.. yeah you could say they suit each other but they won't be happy...


I really didn't care for the way Kacie B. talked down to Courtney when she apologized, especially when she asked, "What made you feel like it was okay to say it when you said it?" Courtney didn't owe her any explanation. She already apologized. Kacie B. acted like a lovestruck teenager the whole season. And I realize this is a whole different generation from mine, but why on earth did she reveal to a man she barely knew that she had bulimia in high school? If she was past that and it wasn't going to affect any future relationship, that was totally unnecessary. If Ben had a fetish to wear women's underwear in high school, do you think he would have revealed that??? Too much information too soon.


Either C. or her family posted those comments about Kacie? (I agree with katie!) Not the way to do damage do that by starting to be nice to people--all people, any you encounter. Not contrived, but natural--try it once or twice, you may get the hang of it...


Wow,anyone who roots for Courtney winning (other than those who feel that Ben is too smart to notice she's a manipulative two-face and deserves her) must not have EVER met people like her. I've known people like her my whole life,spot them before anyone else does,and
have never been wrong when they back-stab their "best friends" over something or someone they want.
The only thing she's good for is a drinking game. Take a shot ever time she touches her hair! I honestly believe she's a sort of sociopath. Did anyone notice how quickly she went from fine to crying sad and back to fine again? Wow she's no model that's for sure,but for acting,she seems to have many fooled.
Not me. Let's see what happens now on the show.


It's amazing to me that all watching did not see that Courtney was out for Courtney, probably for the attention that this would give her for her career. I doubt that she has ever loved anyone except Courtney. She was nasty to the girls in the house from the beginning. I agree that she deserves Ben and he her. That way neither one will mess up anyone else's life.


He should be with Courtney! After all,Ben appears simply too dumb (not to mention,a bit sleazy for the sex in the water with Courtney) to be with any of the other girls on the show. I so badly wanted to see someone REFUSE the rose after seeing him pick Courtney by politely telling him "I'm sorry,but clearly you're not the man I thought you were for picking her. Thank You very much,but we could never work out."


Courtney made mistakes. Many of the girls were just as catty as she was though. Really! Why do they see themselves as so much better than she is? They just ganged up on her. She said she knew they were talking about her and became quiet when she entered the room. An understandable if not the best reaction. She had one ally and I admire Stacey C.

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