President Obama Sings "Sexy and I Know It" ... Sort of

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Barack Obama is sexy, and he knows it.

So much so that The President of the United States loves to sing "Sexy and I Know It" by LMFAO, it turns out. Okay, "sings" is a bit of a stretch. But he does speak the lyrics in a montage of spliced-together clips set to the beat of the hit song.

The result? A hilarious foreign policy platform, to say the least.

Girl. Look at that. Body. I-I-I-I work out. Enjoy:

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@jaybird369---I'd like to slap that smiling face of Tequila's. Snot-assed bitch. Another cyber troll here to create havoc!


Mr. Obama...PLEASE DON'T sing anymore!!!!! Just stick to running our country. Thank you. And, tequila911...I LOVE that laughing smiley face (or whatever) logo of yours!!!!! LOL!!!!!! PEACE!!!!!!


I wish Julie would just go away ppl. We all know- Tequila is behind this phony crap. I could do wo ever seeing that name again.


I think you guys LOVE to rag Texas, don't ya! Ha! He does get you told in no uncertain terms. I love to watch him rattle your chains. We all know you are the troll pack! Julie included. Texas is not Julie's bitch....but she sure IS one! Queen Bitch of the Trolls! Some nasty-assed witch who blew in from Loserville lookin' to make trouble as a means of blowing off the frustrations of her life! Texas and his princess enjoy sittin' back and laughin' our asses off at you all! It's like a pastime squirrelin' you folks around! Granted, there's not much intellectual challenge in it, but you---the simple-minded, lame-reasoning cyber aliens still provide a bit of amusement. Keep it up! We need the diversion!


obama do not know how to sing i'm for real.


welll if it wasnt for the outrageous gas prices i actually would vote for obama :/ sucks for him.


Intelligent ppl don't need to swear when they're posting. We leave that too the smaller minds that don't know how to express themselves otherwise.


How can you see anybody "sport an expression" when they're writing? Can you see them? Are you magic?


Hunny bunny, give Texas the same advice. Turned this into their blog. TROLLER to the highest degree. @Julie, you're making Texas your b*tch.


@Tequila---Stop acting like you don't know Julie! You are one of the Troll Pack who haunts this site! You always see to come out of the woodwork at such opportune moments to stir the pot sporting that daffy-assed expression of yours. Go pour another cup a coffee for your comrade-in-arms---Neci and the other low lifes she and you run with! Hahahahahaha! You DO need to get a job! Oh, and a life as well! Maybe just a worthwhile purpose for inhaling and exhaling on the planet!

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