Madonna Trashed By Deadmau5 For Glamorization of Ecstasy

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Madonna has come under attack from Deadmau5, one of the world's most famous DJs, for glamorizing ecstasy use, allegedly, during a recent concert.

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    He and Madonna cleared it. Or, Madonna advised him that she was referring to a song made by her friend, Calvin Gervais, who was at the festival. My thing is, I agree with Madonna. This should have been privately discussed. I respect Deadmau5's opinion, but he jumped to conclusions without knowing the facts. Why? Because she's older and that makes her brain cells slow? I'm really getting tired of the ageism being practiced with female celebs over a certain age. It's such a lack of respect with it. She clearly knew what she was talking about, and not trying to be hip. She also has never glorified drug use. If anything, where is his outrage at Calvin Gervain for making a song as such. I don't see a twitter rant on that.


    you women haters are just against Madonna and Demi moore bcos they are woman. what about Hugh hefner und Donald trump or Micky jagger? are they not older than Madonna and Demi but they still do what they want.

    Just bcos this 2 women are dating younger guys that is why you hate them. women also have thier Rights to date younger men just like men has thier Rights to date younger women,leave women alone, let them be.....


    It's one thing to do drugs and have a fan base that's high as fukc, but it's another to glamorize it... and Madonna of all people????!!! Take a couple seats you old biatch.


    @ wouldn't wanna be in "almost a coma" at a drug-infested venue like that. They tromp on ya man! They'd be so high and nobody would be willing to call the paramedics for ya! You'd be better off at a Glenn Campbell concert. Mellow. Uh-huh, much better.


    I like deadmau5, I like Madonna, & I have enjoyed some MDMA on occasion. Sure, ”drugs are bad”, but once in a while most of us are gonna catch a buzz one way or another. Just stay safe, careful, & hydrated and you'll be okay.


    deadmau5 has released a statement of sorts explaining his words. You can find it on Facebook.....good for him
    for taking a stand against illegal drugs an he also talks about responsibilities as artists.


    mau5 is very outspoken and never really PC. Its just the way he is. Love him or hate him--I've seen him in Vegas many times and he's one of my favorites. Deadmau5 creates his own stuff and doesn't spin others' stuff.

    And I don't smell or use drugs. Love the glow sticks though!


    Why would anyone want to go and stand amongst a bunch of smelly people with glow sticks and pacifiers and listen to crappy techno music if they weren't on drugs?

    Personally, I would have to be almost in a coma to do it.

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