Kendra Wilkinson Leaves E! For WE TV

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Looks like Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett is taking her reality show on the road ... or at least hitting the road and leaving the familiar confines of E! for WE tv.

After two successful reality series chronicling the ins and outs of her career and personal life, she's ready to turn over a new leaf. Okay, not really.

WE tv announced today that it will air Kendra on Top, a new docu-soap series that will pick up where E!'s Girls Next Door spinoff Kendra left off.

So it's basically the same, just on a station fewer people have heard of.

Major Sex Tape Star

"I'm so excited to be joining the WE tv family!" she said. "I'm thrilled to continue showing the world my story and everything coming up in my life."

Everything that comes up in NFL player hubby Hank Baskett and adorable son Hank IV's lives will also be chronicled, of course. Those are her boys.

The show has yet to go into production, but filming is expected to begin this month. Expect a lot of cute moments ... and outfits like the one above.

A 14-episode season of Kendra On Top will begin airing this summer.


almost ever cable provider has WE....not that hard to continue watching.


I give Kendra and especially Hank kudos, Hank married Kendra(she lied about birth control) in spite of her lie and acted like the man his parents taught him to be, he gave up a lot ( that BS off side kick didn't lose the SB and any fool who believes that is an idiot)Hank is a true athlete (his situation is because of racist America and his wife) I am getting sick of her disrespecting him, but i assume it is because she is a total idiot, Kendra wise up, because you have the only decent man in football (like Eddie said, you are lucky) be stupid if you want, God is watching. And get H4 potty trained and in school, now is the time he is ready. Hank 3 stay in shape and stay focused, you are a winner, you are (in my opinion) already better than Ryan Seacrest, you didn't bend over to get a job. (be thankful)


I hate that she departed from E! channel but I do understand that she probably wants a new change. I may watch her show if I can remember.


Good luck and God bless u and your family!!! Hope the We Channel is good 2 you and yours!!


WE??? Never heard of this channel, obviously my cable carrier does not offer it."bummer", oh well... there's always DVD in the long run.


I am upset by this fact. I love Kendra and Hank and baby Hank. I will no longer get to watch this show because I do not have the WE channel.I think Kendra is a great mother and wife, and she shows the world you can be a wife and mother and still be sexy. Way to go Kendra, Show the world what you can do! Big fan. I'll miss the show:(


I have read these comments and people never cease to amaze me with their negative comments and potty mouth language. The headline clearly stated this article was about Kendra. If you don't like her, why read the article? I personally don't care about the Kardashians so when I see a headline about one of them, I move on to the next article without wasting my time reading about them. I happen to love Kendra and find her amusing and more "normal" than I would have thought (unlike the Kardashians!) and I look forward to seeing her again on TV. Shame on you haters!


What is so good about her shaking her booty on TV and being an ex playboy bunny toy? Her husband is a loser and so is she.


Oops I don't care lol not U heh


U don't care what channel it is as long as we still get to watch your show! I love seeing you and hank and baby hank! You've come a long way and you deserve it all! Live ya all!

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