Demi Lovato Teases Official Video for "Give Your Heart A Break"

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Demi Lovato is about to get her flirt on.

The young singer will release the full-length, official video for her latest track, "Give Your Heart A Break," on April 2. But she's offered fans a very quick peek at it online and it looks like Demi will be played a bit of sexy hide-and-seek with a mystery man during the shoot.

“‘Give Your Heart a Break’ isn’t a song about having a broken heart,” Lovato said last week. “This is a song about faith, it’s a song about fighting for the one you love.”

We can't wait to watch the complete version. For now, though, enjoy what you can and then watch Demi take this same single to the American Idol stage.


adorei suas fotos que entrar em cotato com nos duas..


I'm not that big of a fan of Demi. She looks healthier in this photo though and Ali3, I somewhat agree with you, but it's not terribly weak when singing it. She does pretty good. And dak, that was a bit harsh. LOVE THIS SONG THOUGH!


she looks healthier now..


love the song!


she so cute... ;)


hey ali3 go fuck yourself she sings every song good, lets see you go and sing it and see how many people make fun of you


To all Lovatic Facebookers, pls like this page:


OHHH!! Ok thanks I just listened to the song I get it now!!! OHHH ok!


and if u really listened to the song it does talk about fighting for the one u love


i think she sing the song beautifully. i love this song its a really good song. she did an awesome job on this song

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