Chelsea Sorrell on American Idol: An Underwhelming Underwood

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Let's give Chelsea Sorrell a couple props:

  1. It's not easy to go first on any American Idol audition show, especially with your very first live performance.
  2. It takes courage to cover possibly the greatest contestant in series history, Carrie Underwood.

But the gamble didn't really pay off for Sorrell last night, as Randy Jackson noted the questionable song choice and J. Lo - who later admitted she was too nice to the guys the evening before - referred to the rendition as "nasally." Ouch.

Watch the cover of "Cowboy Casanova" now and compare it to our favorite from the night, Hollie Cavanagh.


What are you drinking @Sherry Tilley Young? Her voice is NO WHERE CLOSE to Carrie's. She has a good voice, but that was a wrong choice of song. If you want to take on a Carrie song, better do it as good or better. She was just plain bad. She's not gonna go far.


I think she was amazing. She is beautiful, she has a smile that would light up a room, good personality, her voice is ever as bit as good as Carrie Underwood. I think she has the total package to make it in this competition.


Yeah it wasn't very good.I felt a little sorry for her.Tackling Carrie right out of the gate was a mistake. Hollie was my favorite of the night too.I thought she showed the most potential of the top24.

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