Breaking Dawn Teaser Trailer: See Bella Run

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Twilight Saga fans need only wait a couple more days to watch the first full-length trailer for Breaking Dawn Part 2, as it will premiere prior to showings of The Hunger Games on March 26.

But how about just a little taste of what's to come?

In the following teaser, we get a VERY quick look at Bella's newfound vampire speed, while we also see both Jacob and Edward react to this newly-turned blood sucker. I didn't expect you to be so you, the former says, while the latter touches his wife and comments on her temperature.

Check out the recently-released still of Bella as a vampire now and then enjoy the 13 seconds of awesomeness below:


I saw the full trailer today when i saw the hunger games. They show bella and she speaks in her new vamp voice. Almost fainted in my seat , so if anyome wants to see full trailer, go to the movie theater and watch the previews. ;)


i can't wait the film is breaking dawn part 2 coz i can look robert and kristen action in this film.actually, i just ask and comment about robert and kristen are they already to get married in real life?i like this couple.reply my comment ok...


Of course the tralier is realeased on The Hunger Games premire. Because guess what? The new craz is The Hunger Games and from what I hear is that these two movies are at war. I love both, The Hunger Games and the Twilight Saga, but putting them in the ringer won't make people choose sides.


i love it


need to see more. i love the twilight movies.especially breaking dawn. i have them all.

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