Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson Accused of Lies, Fake Apology, Cheating "Web of Deceit"

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Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson of The Bachelor cover Us Weekly this week ... for the fourth time this year. None of which have been positive portrayals.
Ben Flajnik Proposing to Courtney Robertson

In the aftermath of The Bachelor season finale, the tabloid uses the following headline to describe the lovebirds: "Liar Liar! Inside Their Web Of Deceit." 

Hmm. Wonder how they really feel about Ben and Court.

Ben and Courtney Us Cover

The viewing populace wasn't thrilled that Ben Flajnik chose Courtney Robertson over Lindzi Cox with the final rose Monday, but Us takes it to a new level.

The magazine states unequivocally that their relationship is all a lie, claiming:

  • That Ben kissed a bunch of random girls last month (that appears true).
  • That he never stopped chasing other women since their "reconciliation."
  • That Courtney’s tearful After the Final Rose apology was all for show. 
  • That there's another girl and Ben and Courtney are over already.

Not hard to believe, given the utterly awkward and uncomfortable ATFR special Monday, but remember, this magazine has tried to take them down all winter:

Ben Flajnik Us Cover
Courtney the Man-Eater
Courtney Robertson: Shameless Seduction!

What do you think? Is this all to sell magazines, or is the couple really destined to fail - if they haven't already? And was this the worst Bachelor season ever?

Vote below: Will Ben and Courtney last?


P.S. Yes, junglecat I agree with youu: Brad was horrible and would
never ever let him be a tv bachlor again. Jake was another truly bad bachlor. He doesn't deserve another chance either. Surely the
"show" gets better people then what comes up each season. I know it makes them lots of money but it'll run out when people stop watching it. While we are there, I personally do not think the trip to the "Fanstasy Room" over night ncould be left out. That doesn't need to be shown/premoting sex, sex, sex. I don't want kids thinking it's ok.
People have enough sense to know what's going on.


I think this is the biggest slam and everybody sees it. Ben should not have been a bachlor on tv, even though he's cute, he needs to go slower. My goodness how can 3 mos make any true hard pact of
any kind to last forever. I can't believe everyone thinks Courtney's so pretty. I have thought from the beginning she is ugly
and she certainly didn't have any good social graces. I couldn't believe the scene where she bragged about getting the rose and showing the girls "Winning." She didn't want any friends; she's a trouble maker. Bet if you have past history on her I bet we'd find out lots more evil-dealing out of her. Ben hasn't got a clue what he wants. It won't be w/Courtney. Linzy might not have anything else to do/him. I think he lost a couple of good gals over Courtney.


This is the first Bachelor where a woman is so, so, so much prettier than all of the others. AND you have this woman be smart, articulate, witty, quirky, deep, successful, well-travelled, more famous than the others, brutally honest, and kind (yes, that's what I wrote: watch the show carefully), is it any wonder that all of the girls hated her?? Well, al of the girls except for the only one any near as pretty : the blonde casey. Courtney is a scapegoat, and I think the girls (did you see their behavior on 'Women Tell All'!!??) should be ashamed of themselves. Finally, Kelly or whatever her biggest hater's name is who was on the show. Do a bit of self-reflection and note (a) how obviously fake your apology was to Courtney exactly at the time when you realized you had to do it to stay, and (b) you are a jealous, vindictive [b****]. Plus your raps do suck. Stay in school.


Reading the comments from people getting so worked up is more entertaining than this season of the Bachelor. LOL. Seriously though, no need to get nasty when other people give their opinion. Respect... even if you disagree. Makes the world much sweeter. :-)


Brad Womack (2) and Jake Pavelka as ti TWO WORST BACHELORS (BOTH LOSERS) ever!!




With the exception of Trista and Ryan Sutter, the rest of these losers go on to better things. Let's hope The Bachelor will be off the air in another season or two as it is pure fluff. Ben and Courtney deserve each other, two like minded idiots.


"This show destroys more lives than any tv show on air"??? Exactly whose lives have been destroyed??? Get a grip and take your meds. Oh, and it's pretty obvious Frank and Betty T are the same person, so don't forget to take your schizo meds too!


Seriously, how many seasons have there been of the Bachelor and its female counterpart? And how many couples have ACTUALLY gotten married? To date: ONE! Haven't they noticed that this kind of scenario doesn't work when you're trying to find true love? The only reason it's on, is so that sick fucks can see debauchery at its finest! This show should be canceled!


Also, Betty, why are YOU on a gossip site telling people to get a life?

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