Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson: Will it Last?

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To the surprise of no one and the dismay of nearly everyone, Courtney Robertson took home the final rose on The Bachelor season finale Monday night.
Ben Flajnik, Courtney Robertson Kiss

The most interesting part of the evening came afterward.

On the After the Final Rose special, taped on March 4 and airing right after Ben Flajnik got down on one knee, the couple revealed to host-pimp Chris Harrison that Ben actually dumped Courtney last month ... only to get re-engaged!

What prompted the split? Ben Flajnik watching his model fiancee act like such a petulant, obnoxious psycho b!tch on The Bachelor this season, basically.

Surprisingly (and it seemed quite genuine ... if this was an act for the cameras it was a darn good one) the two patched things up after their breakup.

Ben said he knows Courtney Robertson regrets her behavior and he should've stuck by his bride-to-be through this difficult time, rather than run for the hills.

And hooking up with some other girl, which he denied in the ATFR taping. Whatever. In case there was any doubt, he put the ring BACK on her last night.

All very interesting. What do you think? Do you believe in Courtney and Ben? Will these two make it to the altar and live happily ever after? Vote in our poll:

Will Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson last?


Realisticly no they won't last, but hopefully they will last


No, they will not last. Courtney is fake and Ben is blind. She bold faced lied to more than one person, including Ben: "I tried so hard to get along with the girls. They just didn't like me". Liar! Hello...Ben.....if she acts like this around other women, what makes you think she isn't like this in other situations? She gave lame excuses like: she was under pressure and uncomfortable around that many women. Daaah, so were they, but they didn't act like a spoiled brat when they got a rose. They showed class! As far as I'm concerned, if that is the type of woman Ben wants, then he didn't deserve any of the other women (who were mature and sincere). By Courtney not wanting to be friends with any of the women, it showed she was just a self-centered person and cared about nothing but herself. And everyone else out there who is "positive" about Courtney, we are not being mean, these are all facts and SHE BROUGHT ALL THIS UPON HERSELF! I give them 6 months, tops!


I think Ben is in big time denial! i can see how painful it mightiest be to see such an ugly part of somebody and having a hard time coming to that reality and as a result, make excuses for that person's bad behavior. i hope he comes to his!!!


Oh, please. These two are just another Kim Kardashian and Kris What's-His-Name. She's a trashy, conceited bimbo, and he's a dumb, nerdy troll. And what's with that gawd-awful scraggly pageboy hairdo of his? She giggled through the entire proposal, and I'll bet his goofy hairdo was the reason. But hey, they do really deserve each other.


Courtney now has had her lesson that what goes around comes back around and bites you in the behind, almost ruining her fairly tale ending. Both Courtney and Ben will now have a second chance, out of the public eye to be themselves, without the artificially competitive environment which brings out the worst in Courtney. I saw the quirkiness in both and can truly see them going the long haul if only they both give it their all and Courtney wipes that slate clean for Ben-without clinging to resentment for his bailing out on her to get a grip on reality. They have my vote and hope they cut themselves some slack, since most of us do all this stuff in privacy...forgive, heal and go forward in love 4 ever!!!


I liked Casey B


What is that thing she does with her lips--what a skank......


Courtney's victim playing, after her abominable behavior, is par for the course. She's manipulative up to the end, and Ben is foolish enough to buy it. I give it six months.


We look forward to our guilty pleasures, it offers a perfect escape from reality right on a reality show! But let's face it, this show is a totally absurd situation. Everyone knows that to cultivate a meaningful relationship usually takes years with only one person, so why do people become so mean, hateful, and unforgiving when someone like Courtney isn't the perfect role model in a horrendous situation? Just because she found favor with Ben does not make her the wicked witch of the west. These relationships rarely last because they are not built on a good foundation, everyone just needs to chill and let Ben and Courtney enjoy at least a few weeks of fun together which would be a reasonable expectation. If it comes to more than that, well that's nice too! Everyone else needs to get a life already.


Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah...Ben chose Courtney over Lindzi on Monday night's season finale of The Bachelor...Blah Blah Blah Blah!!! Whatever. To answer the and Courtney WILL NOT last!!! Ben is, looks like and acts like such an awkward DORK!!! Plus, Ben is NOT that good-looking. JP (who Ashley chose over dorky Ben, thank God) is WAY BETTER LOOKING than Ben. And, Courtney is, looks like and acts like such a PSYCHO BITCH!!! Remember...NONE of the other chicks on this season's Bachelor could stand Courtney!!! And, remember...on that recent Bachelor Special, ALL of the other chicks each let Courtney have it. All in all, I give Ben and Courtney no more than 6 months. Or less.

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