Whitney Houston Memorial Service Off, Funeral Planned for Saturday

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The earlier reports are true: Whitney Houston will be laid to rest this Saturday in her native city of Newark, New Jersey.

The service will take place at the New Hope Baptist Church, the same locale in which Houston (and cousin Dionne Warwick) sang in the choir as a child. Sources say the family wants to keep this event as private as possible and will limit capacity to no more than 300 guests.

Whitney Houston in 1994

Meanwhile, Newark Mayor Cory Booker has come out and shot down talk of a public memorial, saying of rumors that one would take place later this week:

"The Houston family has no plans to set up a public viewing at the Prudential Center this Friday. In compliance with the family's wishes, the city is not moving forward with any public ceremony."

Across the country, of course, citizens and celebrities continue to celebrate the singer's life in their own ways. LeAnn Rimes, for example, sang a tribute to Whitney last night.


Whitney you will be miss and everyone have a lot to say but god always have the last say and that god felt that you were getting tired and decided that you needed a rest and call you home with him to rest and your daughter Bobbie will be just find and will go right down in your foot steps as far as a singer so rest on Whitney in that golden streets of havaven




Amen, to Katrina's comment.


my prayers go out to the houston family


I do hope the Corner's autopsy is correct & that they took their time getting the samples needed. I was uneasy with the variations of details as to what took place, i.e., on Sat., she (Whitney) was found on the floor, no one was in her room, a woman in the room above overheard a man's voice followed by 2 thumps, etc., the Sunday, 3 people were in the room, Whitney was found in the tub, etc.....enough.
We lost a treasure. God is calling his children.