Taran Noah Smith, Home Improvement Kid, Arrested For DUI and Drug Possession

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Taran Noah Smith, one of Tim Allen's kids on Home Improvement, was arrested early this morning for alleged DUI and drug possession, according to TMZ.

Hashish, to be specific. Or hash as the kids call it.

The now-27-year-old Smith was arrested in L.A. County around 1:00 a.m., and police believe he was under the influence of marijuana at the time of his arrest.

An alleged stash of hash (a type of weed) was found.

Taran Noah Smith Pic

Smith, best known for his role as little Mark Taylor, is still in custody and was booked for the DUI and the drug possession, which is a felony. Not good.

He was allegedly behind the wheel of his '98 silver Honda Accord, which was parked at an angle in front of a fire hydrant when an officer investigated.

The police officer smelled a "strong odor" of weed and believed Smith was under the influence. He was brought in and booked shortly thereafter.

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T jones

Unbelievable! And in California too?!...For smoking marijuana?! The only reason the law is making a big deal out of this ridiculous hype is because Smith was a child actor!! Granted, he should not have been driving if he was drunk, but they are making a federal case out of the fact that the law smelled marijuana. It probably wasn't even his weed. Someone could have very easily planted that stuff in his car before smoking some of the marijuana themselves. Or the kid could have had medical papers to smoke weed legally, and his medical papers were burned up while he was smoking his medication, and his car was parked that way because he was looking for help because he thought his car was going to burn as well! I mean, how ridiculous can you get?! There is always a logical explanation for everything!!