Star Jones Returns to The View

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Star Jones returned to The View Wednesday.

It was her first visit to the ABC talk show since her much talked-about departure in June 2006, and the topic was one of the first to come up yesterday.

"It was ugly. Everything. It was a bad emotional time. Nasty things were being said in the media," Jones said after Barbara Walters brought up her exit.

At the time, Star Jones abruptly announced she was leaving The View on the air, then revealed she had in fact been fired by the daytime gab-fest.

"I wanted to go out on my own terms so that if I walked back here I'd feel good about it," Jones continued. "I had eight fantastic years here. One was 'eh.'"

"I came back here to congratulate you on everything that you all have accomplished. And I hope you congratulate me on what I accomplished."

Walters and Joy Behar also asked Jones, who came on the show to raise awareness about women's heart health, about her 2003 gastric bypass surgery.

Jones had long kept secret the reasons behind her 160 lb.-weight loss.

"We tried to protect you. We were told, 'Don't say it was gastric [bypass]. Say it was pilates and portion control,'" Behar said, before adding:

"You are now a skinny bitch ... Congratulations." "We did lie for you!" Walters added, to which Jones responded, "Who cares? I look good."


I can only imagine what it took for Star Jones to walk back on the set of the view. Her poise and "high-road" stance in the face of the flat out attackwas nonthing less than amazing. i will no longer watch The View.


barbara believes in black balling people


Does Star Need to stay relevant this bad that she would go back to her original downfall. She was fired in a big way from Celebrity Apprentice and (almost) forced to answer questions from her former employer/co stars at The View. Star is an educated women with a law degree and does Not Need to be put into the position of being defensive about decisions that were made by her 6 years old!!


I can believe this , after 6 years , this is still important to Barbara and that Red head whats her name. I stopped watching, recording the view 2 years ago . Glad their ratings are down, just a bunch of mean girls. HA


Little cat fight on the view as the ladies sat on the couch, Barbara
still upset with Star as well as Joy. Also noted the republican poster child still looking like a fool, her remark about President
Obama,and his singing and having fun was really ridiculous,is really
not to have any type of functions at the White House that cause laughter, and fun she cited the gas prices but if it hadn't been that it would have been something else. Elizabeth continues too use
her position as a spokesperson for the Gop, it was again apparent when I saw a new republican add today in which that show the tape of
President Obama singing and the statement about gas prices. It's getting old.


I can't believe how badly they treated Star, why is Barbara so angry after six years.


Whoopi looks like a Rodeo Clown.


Barbara Walters should be ashamed of herself for being the "mean girl". She just had to go there!!

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