Paris Hilton "Drunk Text" Video: Released, Removed From YouTube!

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Paris Hilton is back! Or was ... if only for a few hours!

The ho-tel heiress' new single, "Drunk Text," was briefly leaked online today before being yanked off of YouTube within hours. What's it about, you ask?

Heck if we know, but the girl cannot sing. At all.

Not that she even tries, really. Hilton raps/speaks monotonously over the beat... and that's it. The music video was released today, but quickly pulled from YouTube with little explanation other than a violation of a copyright claim by Black Hole Recordings.

Still, the instant classic video was up long enough for some pics to be screen grabbed, and for numerous people who heard it to report on its epicness.

Some choice lyrics: "If you take the word 'sex' and mix it with 'texting,' it's called 'sexting'/When you add drunk sexting, the words just don't make sense."


"It's a hot mess of misspelled obscentities, body parts and run-on questions/not sure what he means to ask. Behind my eyes, I was begging for things my lips would never ask/And my mouth kept pouring desperate clauses of random intent."
Paris Hilton in Drunk Text Music Video

"It's just another moment, one stupid reply can lead to the walk of shame," she goes on.

"I'll be damned if I end up in some lame diner after this/last night's lingerie in my purse/it was just a drunk text...this is the last time I'll ever drink and text."

Amen, Paris Hilton. A. Men.

UPDATE: The masterpiece is still out there somewhere! We've embedded the video above ... listen to it now, because we don't know how long it'll last.

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Ok what happened to the paragraph comment made by the poster named god?


Here's to God, Get a grip and get off the drugs,geesh. How sad............


Saw her once trying to sing for a recording while "E" was doing a story on her, she's tone deaf, so please someone tell her so she'll quit wasting time and money on this hobby of hers.


Someone please shoot me in the face! Seriously! Why?! Why must we be tortured with these d-listless annoying tramps. I honestly thought she was doing a wonderful job at staying in the background and retiring her annoying catch phrase "thats hot", trotting around like a horse and redundant over the shoulder poses. On top of that I will never forgive or forget how she introduced the world to another annoying tramp Kim kardashian. UGH.....


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Omg she is so useless,talentless and irrelevant. Her following of teeny bopper fans grew up and moved on. However paris never will. She'll keep spreading her std's.

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