Mario Manningham Super Bowl Catch: The Best Ever?

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The New York Giants needed a big play late in the Super Bowl and Eli Manning delivered, lofting a pass to Mario Manningham that sent them on their way to a winning drive.

Somehow managing to keep two feet in bounds while making a fingertip catch in double coverage, Manningham defied comprehension - and stunned the Patriots.

New York went on to win 21-17 and Manning claimed his second Super Bowl MVP award thanks to Manningham, who made the biggest play of the Giants' season.

Watch below: Was his Super Bowl catch the best ever?

One guy who may give Manningham a run for his money: David Tyree. Four years ago, HE made a key reception of a Manning pass that helped lead the Giants to victory.

Also trailing late in the fourth quarter against the Patriots, Eli's escape and Tyree's catch off of his own helmet have already gone down in Super Bowl history.

Take a look at that catch below:

Which Giant's Super Bowl reception was better?


Well dude..I think I have the same outlook as you. I am a Cowboys fan as well. Can't beleive the freakin' Boys lost to the Giants! I digress I think the Giants have a chance, as the Pats were definitely beatable this year (they really squeaked out a couple)..but the G-men are going to have to play the game of their lives and young Eli can't make any mistakes. it spring training yet? GO YANKS!!!


um manningham raw lesh go bruh we out here...........................


Tyree? Yeah- I have to go with your choice.


Ok Reed which one is the best ever?


I'm sorry but David Tyree is the winner on that I still get goosebumps watching the replay. It was the most epic moment ever, if it wasn't for that catch they would have lost the super bowl! AMAZING!!!!!!!! I wish I was there live I would have gone insane! but instead I went insane at home instead Stay Golden Manning and Tyree Stay Golden!


Close but no- not the best ever.

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