Justin Bieber Signs Second Book Deal

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One bestseller down, another on the way.

About two years after the release of "First Step 2 Forever: My Story," Justin Bieber has signed a deal to come out with a second memoir in September. It will be titled "Justin Bieber: Just Getting Started" and it will feature exclusive images and quotes of the singer, as he takes fans behind the scenes of life on the road.

Justin Bieber in Cannes

"I'm so excited to be working on another book with HarperCollins," Justin tells Us Weekly. "Being able to share my story with my fans through these books is an absolute privilege. I can't wait to show them more about my life on tour and in the studio in this next book."

Aside from singing and writing, Bieber is looking to add the title of "producer" to his resume. He played a key role in signing Canadian artist Carly Rae Jespen and even appears in her new music video.

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Justin Bieber is the Hottest guy in the world


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man why does everybody got somthing mean to say about justin bieber just stop being a hater and get a life and stop hatin


so many people hate this overrated twerp what justifies another book!!


Omg. Celebritys these days... What a joke. I dont give a flying bat shit about Justin Bieber or his life. I mean, he has one book already. That came out.. A year ago? What can happen that would be interesting for us in one effing year?? Except Selena Gomez, but thats just... Eh. I hate him.. and always will.


Justin in this photo looks like he's morphing into "Eddie" from the old "Munster's" show. All he needs now is a little werewolf doll to be complete! Ha!


how can anyone be interested in justin beiber unless they're 14! robbie williams would be more interesting


Omg how old is he? he's writing a book abt his life?! what is he like 60 years old cauz he hasnt live the real life already. he's 2 young hasnt face the real responsabilities. just a brat. still shocked! is he even the 1 writing them???wtf


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