Jennifer Lopez: Naked in New Fragrance Ad

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Jennifer Lopez is making a very strong case for why consumers should purchase her latest perfume, "Glowing."

A very strong, naked case, that is.

The American Idol judge has stripped down entirely in order to promote her 18th fragrance - yes, seriously, her 18th! - which is comprised of bergamot, cypress and mandarin, among other flavors, and which goes on sale in May.

Jennifer Lopez Nude Perfume Ad

"Glowing is such a clean fragrance," J. Lo told WWD. "That's what I've always been about... At the essence, it's still natural, earthy, clean and real, but a little different side of that. It's the woodsy side of it, which I think is kind of New York-y, darker and sexier."

Let's be honest: that sounds like complete and utter hooey. But we may need to pick up a couple hundred bottles, if only to encourage more naked Jennifer Lopez ads in the future.


pls make me ur boy friend in africa


I love u!


Es tan poistsa que no de estos dias se le caen las nalgas, las pestanas y todo pues su belleza es falsa hasta su hablado es fingido solo escucharla reir y da pena. Tener dinero no es todo, hay que tener un poco de clase


18th fragrance? Is that some sort of Guinness World Record????? Trouble is....maybe promoting a nice smelling 'foo-foo' is the extent of Jennifer's abilities. Hmmmmmmmmm.........


Ewww!! no one wants to see this grandma naked!! yuck! Casper should be with Kim Kardashian!!

T jones

@Mozelle Elizabeth D'Nuee. How the hell would you know?! Unless you were spying on me and saw that we were seeing the same damn doctors! Silly ass!!


She looks beautiful.. she's a grown woman and she's not really showing anything. I prefer this photo to the mag cover with Adele with her boobs hanging out.


Many things go unanswered but the one certainty is that T-JONES is seeing a whole Team of underpaid & over worked Psychiatrists.

T jones

I am surprise that Jennifer Lopez' ass wasn't on display to promote her latest fragrance. Because every time she is promoting a movie, album, or clothing line, her ass is in the media spotlight. Well, it's probably because her ass is not as big as it use to be. I'm sure that her publicist told her that now that she is older, a big ass will make her look fat, so more than likely, Lopez is going for that, 'anorexic is in', appeal!


One word-Bitch!

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