Eli Manning or Tom Brady: Who'd You Rather ...

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We know who Gisele Bundchen will be voting for in this poll ... once she finishes praying for a Patriots win in Super Bowl XLVI Sunday night. But what about you?

Gisele's husband, Tom Brady, goes for his fourth Super Bowl win when the Pats take on the New York Giants and Eli Manning, who's in search of his second ring.

The big game is as close to a toss-up as you can get, and both quarterbacks have proven themselves to be MVP-caliber. But which would you rather ... you know?

Vote for the hottest signal-caller in THG's survey below!

And the Winner is?

Eli Manning or Tom Brady: Who would you rather ... you know? Vote for which QB is the bigger hunk in THG's very scientific and important poll now! View Poll ยป

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I think ELi Manning is totally homily....Tom Brady on the other hand, has the looks, can't people see the difference, or are they totally blind....anyhow GO GET EM PATS ALL THE WAY BABIES....CHAMPIONSHIP #4 COMING....GIANTS SUCK.....ELI AND HIS GANG ARE GONNA LOSE BIG TIME......LOL LOL HATE NEW YORK AND THE GIANTS...,,,THEY SUCK.,,,,,,LOL...................

T jones

I mean, if I had to choose because they were the only two men left in the world, it would have to be Tom Brady. He looks more like a manly man to me. Although, I do realize that appearances can be deceptive! I am quite sure that Eli Manning is sweet! And if Brady were to drop dead of the two men left in the world, then Manning it is!!


Enough with Tom Brady,I hope the giants win.Brady has enough rings,but good luck to both teams,but go giants....Karen E


@ughhhh I couldn't agree more. Tom Brady left is former girlfriend knocked up and moved on while she was preggers. Tom's insides are fugly.


marcia,you're welcome to you own opinion but your hicksville usa comment is the quivalent of someone saying a black nfl player resembles buckwheat.C'mon at least Eli doesn't knock up women and then run off w/other women.If anything THAT is white trash behavior.


I meant whoever said he was attractive.


Who ever said was Tom Brady Tom Brady is blind becuz he doesnt look like shit. He is an unattractive man and resembles a caveman. Tom Brady seems stuck up and i'm rooting for The Giants.


It should read that Eli looks like hicksville usa... something out of L'il Abner.


Tom Brady definitely. He is good looking look like hicksville,usa.
Eli has to be the worst looking creep at least in my estimation. If I ran into him at a party I wouldn't look twice at the creep.


It has to be Eli. All he has to do is stay focus on SBXLVI at Indy. If he continues and the G-men wins, another Super Bowl XLVI MVP on his collection.