Eddie Murphy Dead? No, Just Another Hoax

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The Internet is abuzz with reports that Eddie Murphy is dead. He is not.

We repeat: Twitter is not a news source. Eddie Murphy is 100% alive.

Sources close to the Tower Heist star have already debunked the hoax, just the latest in a long line of online pranks designed to fake kill a star for some reason.

Eddie Murphy: Alive!

The frenzy was initially sparked by MediaFetcher (dot) com, then spread like wildfire thanks to Twitter. This site is believed to be responsible for spinning bogus stories about other numerous celebrities they claim are dead but are not.

The Bon Jovi death hoax was a different guy, but Cher, Charlie Sheen, TooShort, The Rock, Kevin Bacon, Luke Perry, Jack Black, Will Smith, Jaden Smith, Tom Green, Tiger Woods, George Clooney and others have fallen victim of late.

All are still alive and kicking. Thank goodness.

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Long liv eddy


Could this be REAL.....february to july..........​ℓ̊ still pray its A̶̲̥̅̊ joke


We Lost Our President In Ghana Today We Can't Loss A Start Eddie Murphy Too Why


How can Eddie b dead wen he has more dan 9 kids, who's going 2 father dem! ME? Love live Eddie


whats up Eddie people need to stop spreading rumors about you an all the other stars i new you was not dead how can you be dead when you gut a new movie out keep up the good work making us laughing


Das beste Bild ist das ganz unten. Wenn dseeir Gesichtskrapfen neben mir stunde, wurde ich versuchen, an meiner Zunge zu ersticken!Nebenbei: Toscana-Pizza. Go for it.


It,s just an accident, dat doesn't mean he's going 2 die. Eddie get well soon n get back on ur feet IJN.


Eddie Murphy is one of the best comedians still with us. To make false rumors about his death is heartless and distasteful. Keep on keeping on Eddie. We love you and you've filled many hearts with cheer. Keep it up.


I was sad and it would have been a great lost for the world to loose Eddie. I love you Eddie keep me laughing.........:)


wdf datz not true eddie murphy can't die jess like dat. tht my rolemodel, peoples need to stop making stupid romores this days!!!!!!!!!!!!

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