Stephen Colbert Super PAC Slams Stephen Colbert, Throws Support Behind Herman Cain

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The campaign of Presidential quasi-candidate Stephen Colbert was dealt a major blow this week when it was established that voters can’t write his name in on the ballot during Saturday’s Republican primary in his native South Carolina.

Colbert has, as a result, devised a new strategy.

Well, Colbert Super PAC supporting him has anyway. The organization is now asking voters to pull the lever for Herman Cain (remember him?), who still appears on the ballot, as he qualified for it before dropping out of the race.

As Colbert’s TV ad, narrated by the incomparable Samuel L. Jackson says of Cain: “He’s such an outsider, he is not even running for president!”

The ad slams Colbert for “turning our election into a circus.” Obviously.

If you're confused, and frankly we don't blame you if so, the Colbert Super PAC is a political action committee ... formed expressly to mock such things.

A Super PAC can raise and spend unlimited amounts of cash on a candidate's behalf, yet cannot coordinate efforts with the candidate directly.

Colbert is staging a faux campaign as a means of ridiculing the system's absurdity, though he led Jon Huntsman and tied Rick Perry in one poll.

Huntsman quit the race Monday, while Rick Perry dropped out this morning. Colbert is still going hard, even if it's on Herman Cain's behalf.

Watch your back, Mitt and Newt.


Go Stephen!Willard wants to go fight anyone as long as he or his 5 boys don't have to fight.Newt doesn't even merit comment the poor victim.Santorum I don't agree with much but at least you get am idea where he stands as with Paul.What about Herman Cainbert?


LoL - I LOVE this guy! It would be nice if we could all put such a kink in the system!
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colbert 2012 lol ...... He really is showing how corupt our wonderful political system is.

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