Herman Cain Suspends Presidential Campaign

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In the wake of both sexual harassment and infidelity allegations, Republication Presidential nominee Herman Cain suspended his campaign this afternoon, effectively ending his bid for the White House in 2012.

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    And yeah, bitch! It's Obvious that you are a riot inciting racist!!! Come on, coward! Take your Klan sheet off. You ain't got to be scare of me, bitch! You're superior!! You racist cocksucker!!!


    @Obvious. You are one ignorant back-wooded racist bitch. And as far as I am concern, you're the bitch from the ass of a bitch who needs to burn in hell. You blind, ignorant, sadistic, racist motherfucker! That's why your antagonistic ass is in the dark, still trying to stalk people!! Stupid bitch!!! Stupid motherfuckers like you need to mind your damn business! Because you don't know what the fuck your are talking about. Ignorant bitch!!


    You folks need therapy.


    And also @ Neci! I don't want to be no damn president! But if I was president, I would do a better job than all the presidents combined so far. And I would definitely be a better president than you think I would. But it doesn't matter what you think, because you don't pay attention to details. So what do you know about me or anyone's capacity to be a good president? Exactly....NONE!


    @ Neci. Obviously, you don't pay attention to details very well, do you?! Because if you did, you would have read my last post and read that I had commented that I know that Obama is not responsible for the raggedy condition that this country was in when he came into office. But the unfortunate truth of matter, THIS COUNTRY IS STILL RAGGEDY!!!....With Obama in office! In spite of the fact that Obama ranted profusely about change and so far, Obama have not done a damn thing, but kiss a$$! Fortunately for him, he have until the next election to make good on his promises to the American people.


    @T-Jones, Obama is doing great job, it is not his fault that this country is mess up. Quit trying to put blame of Obama, why dont you try being president for a moment and see how it will all turn out for you?


    I don't understand. Everyone says Obama isn't doing anything. Doesn't he need congress' approval? I don't think its mainly our presidents as the problem, I believe it is also congress. They gave themselves raises. We have no problem with that, but we give Obama hell. Why?


    Herman Cain is such a wisp! I wonder how much he got paid to back down! The so-called majority thinks that since Obama is in office they have met their quota of tokens. I hope that Obama torture them, (the so-called majority), some more by being reelected. Even the GOP thinks that it's better Obama than Cain. With Obama being half white, he is perceived as being less threatening or the lesser evil. Run, coward, run!!! Coward is Cain's new name!


    What the hell does Cain thinks he's doing by quitting if he is not allowing himself to be silenced? He gave up! If it was me, I would have fought to the bitter end regardless of whether I did it or not. I would not have gone out like that!! And now I have to think about switching political parties again and consider voting for Obama again. Obama ain't doing Jack Squat!! Obama is pathetic!...Insulting even! Damn! Cain may not get another chance! In another 4 years, he'll be in his 70's, and who knows, he may not be around for that 'another' chance! Quitters never win!


    OMG! a black man has an affair on his wife? Wow, didn't see that one coming! lol Cain, you had some good qualities, but you should have known your sleazy ways would come back to haunt you. You have the talent and are saying the right things; however, the American people have experienced enough sleaze; we need something pure that can inspire us. If we want more sleaze, we'll tune in to the Khardashians.

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