President Obama Sings "Let's Stay Together" For Al Green

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President Barack Obama is probably not going to quit his day job (at least not for another year), but he did make a brief foray into R&B at a fundraiser last night.

The Commander-in-Chief burst into song while thanking Al Green, who had performed earlier at the same event, crooning a bar from "Let's Stay Together"

Obama then joked he hadn't been ushered off-stage. Watch:

It all happened at Manhattan's Apollo Theater late Thursday, when Obama stepped to the podium and veered from prepared remarks to thank Green.

Apparently not content to simply praise Green, Obama launched into "Let's Stay Together," warbling "I, so in love with you" ... complete with vibrato.

He stopped to laughter and applause, remarked that his staff didn't believe he'd do it, and that the Sandman hadn't come out to yank him outta there.

That would be Sandman Sims, a famous tap dancer who chased unpopular acts off-stage at the Apollo for decades. Sort of a Keyboard Cat predecessor.


Thank God for a President who is human and not some card board cut out that no one can relate to. When Obama took office there were no jobs, economy was on the brink of disaster and the worst president in history put us in a war we shouldn't have been fighting. Reed, where were you during the Bush years? BUSH caused all the choas and you expect the President fix his mess under the thumb of a republican house and congress. The poor man doesn't have a prayer to govern the Country like he want too. It is sad so many people are so blind to the facts.

Bob sodervick

Lets Stay Together....
thats going to have to be the theme song now...for his Re-Elect Obama campaign!!


Obama had a Democratic Congress his 1st 2 years - They were voted out and for good Reason. This Congress-They say no more Spending! This aint a Blank Check Presidency.


Obama has done more good for this country than Bush did in 8 years. If he had a Congress that was more interested in the good of our country than trying to see that he didn't get a second term, then more people would be working on our roads, bridges,snd schools that are falling apart.


Bill Clinton didn't have 20% unemployment. Clinton could close a deal & not take his Ball and go Home if he didn't get his way.


@Rotten Peach! Oh yeah- He is so down to Earth- yeah- and the Kardashians are so Misunderstood. If anything has struck you it must have been Lighting. He is a Bullshitter. All he brings to the Table is an appetite! This Country is in Disarray and he is Singing. Where the Fuck is the CHANGE? I want his hand out of my Pocket! He is not a Leader!

Wv peach

Loved it! He strikes me as a down to earth man.


Second Time Around!!
It was just as soothing to hear President Obama wow the audience at The Apollo as it was for Bill Clinton (in dark shades) blow a tune on his beloved saxophone on The Arsenio Hall Show in 1992!!


Ahhhh yes! No Jobs! Economy in a Rut! Iran acting up! One good thing about "Slinging Grits" with AL! At least he's not screwing things up in DC. This guy doesn't have a care in the World! What a Legend he is.

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