Paranormal Activity 4: Coming Soon!

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Movie fans should prepare to be scared again in 2012.

Paramount announced yesterday that it had green lighted Paranormal Activity 4, an approval that should not come as a shock, considering the wild success of this franchise's third installment. It earned over $200 million worldwide after opening in late October.

The first Paranormal Activity cost a measly $15,000 to produce, opened in September 2009 and went on to garner $193 million. The price on the second rose to $3 million to produce, but was easily justified by its $177.5 box office haul.

No release date has been set for Paranormal Activity 4, but expect it to hit theaters some time in the fall again.


These are scary films makes me jump everytime I watch it haha xxx


As much as a movie hits it doesnt make sense to produce lots of will become a bore like final destination.these people should stop.


looks dumb


Wow! Can't wait to watch that!