Nick Cannon to Be Released from Hospital, Wife Tweets

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Mariah Carey has good news regarding her ailing husband.

Just a couple days after saying that Nick Cannon was in "a lot of pain" due what has been described as mild kidney failure, the singer updated fans today via another Tweet.

Mariah and Nick in the Hospital

With a laptop, balloons and gorgeous wife by his side, things could be a lot worse for Nick Cannon.

"Nick is in stable condition with a good prognosis, hopefully he'll be discharged within 2 days," Carey wrote this afternoon, adding: "As always he's laughing and in good spirits."

She also included the following caption with the new photo, posted above: "Thank you everyone for all the love & concern."

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Get welsoon.


In the era of 72 day marriages, it is a welcomed relief to see a wife express love and caring for her husband. Even though Mariah and Nick are a famous couple, in everyday life spouses get to be there for their loved ones and are able to pass on the good (health) News to their families. I believe that like a lot of couples who take marriage seriously, Nick and Mariah will be able to appreciate the love that they have found in each other and their children to a higher level of family unity. PEACE!!


She's not a whore! I love mc too much. She loves her man what's wrong with that?


I see she still doesn't know how to dress for a woman of her advanced years. Nice outfit, Media Whore Grandma.


Glad ure ok,luv u all.


he`s lucky to have a rich grandma around to take care of him! hehehe


Nick I'm happy that you feel better. U are a stong man
I'm glad u have alot of
support from ur fans
I'm ur and mariah fan
u make a cute married
couple from the gaco.
from ur fan Kim.


Mariah had every right to keep their fans updated about the situation just like he did while her and the twins were recovering from their premature birth last spring. as for tweeting the pics she did that so they wouldn't leak. they obviously love each other and their babies dearly sticking by an Ill spouse isn't easy to do but it's the right thing and at least Nick's prognosis is good.