Natalee Holloway Legally Dead, Judge Declares

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Natalee Holloway was declared legally dead Thursday by a judge in her home state of Alabama. She mysteriously vanished in Aruba more than six years ago.

Probate judge Alan King made the ruling at the request of Holloway's father.

While her body was never found, Dave Holloway met a legal presumption of death for his daughter, according to King, who had set Thursday as the deadline for anyone to come forward and prove she didn't die on the Caribbean island.

Natalee Holloway

With no evidence to the contrary, Natalee Holloway is legally deceased.

The ruling comes just one day after longtime suspect Joran van der Sloot pleaded guilty to the murder of another woman, Stephany Flores, in Peru.

Van der Sloot's lawyer said the 24-year-old killed Flores in 2010 due to "extreme psychological trauma" he experienced in the Holloway investigation.

After over six years, Dave Holloway made the request to settle his daughter Natalee's estate and free up funds set previous aside for her education.

Beth Holloway, Natalee's mother and Dave's ex-wife, opposed the request, in part because she held out a sliver of hope and also to lead by example.

"Her life's commitment now is working with other families with missing family members," her lawyer said. "She would lose her credibility with them if she were to give up hope."

"How could she tell them not to give up hope if she did, for her own daughter?"


سلام از شما خواهشمندم براي من �يلم و عكس سكسي ب�رستيد.


@ Missy - what an unhelpful and unfunny comment.


What a shame! Forever unknowing means forever hoping. Praying for those who loved this young woman!


RIP Natalee.


I truly feel bad for the parents, no one should ever have to endure this. However the mother needs to let go and declare her daughter dead. She is never coming back and at least this monster is locked up forever!


Maybe she went vampire...


Her mother has to face the reality that she has gone to ther otherside of curtain and allow her to rest in peace sad but true that this animal got away with murder.


Not only is van der sloot a monster, but his father and mother sure seemed to cover up his foot tracks. they need to be tracked and their history too, but I have feeling their Gov't has his back. :( I wouldn't travel there now knowing all this.


Natalee Holloway's father has had his request granted: An Alabama probate judge Thursday signed paperwork formerly declaring that his daughter is dead. Alabama Judge Declared Natalee Holloway Legally Dead, Natalee Parents Comment Video -


They caught his ass on tape admitting he killed he should get the death penalty for what he done to her

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