Kris Humphries Splits from PR Team

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Kris Humphries is getting really good at this break up thing.

The New Jersey Nets power forward/E! star has called it quits with Anderson Public Relations, TMZ confirms, following disagreements between the company and the Humphries over how to best promote the latter off the court.

The Hump

The PR team was especially upset with how Humphries handled an appearance on Good Morning America in December, where he brushed off questions about Kim Kardashian and looked confused about why they were even being asked. He instead talked about baking with his mom.

Kris' relationship with Anderson lasted 73 days, so, hey, that's an improvement of 24 hours for the guy!

Sources say he now wants to focus solely on basketball, which ought to be welcome news for the woeful Nets. Humphries scored 12 points and pulled down 16 rebounds in their 84-74 loss last night to the Thunder.

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he may be a big oof, but seriously he's worse then the kardasians? i doubt it. they are so wrapped up in themselves that they ordered cars for everyone in their family but forgot about kris's family? i don't really like either side and i just wish they'd both go away. famous for nothing.


But you're right about one thing: I am soooo insanely jealous. I am jealous that I don't have a FAKE face and a FAKE personality. I am jealous that I didn't get to make a sex tape with a big, black man. But most of all, and this is in all seriousness, I am jealous that I don't have an army of foolish morons who drool at my feet and worship the grounds I walk on, and love me, no matter what wrongs I commit. Yes.. I am green with envy. For that last one.


I would bet all the money I have, (and I'm sure other people would, too) that Kim would have hit Kris waaaay before the thought ever even crossed his mind. She's a crazy fucking psycho bitch. He threw HER around like a rag doll? He couldn't even propose to her the way he wanted to! She took control of every little detail, and do you know wwwwhy? For her stupid fucking "fairy tale". Well, she got one thing right there, because fairy tales aren't REAL. They are FAKE. Just like her. I wouldn't be surprised if that's what she had in mind when she decided to call it her fairy tale wedding.
Kris is a victim of that stupid skank. Do you really think her show would depict him in a good light? Hell no! All she cares about is making herself look good, and look where it's gotten her. Everyone except the retards who have their head too far up her ass don't see her for what she really is. Her "fan" base is dwindling because her lies are finally catching up with her big ass.


nancy you are wrong. kris is cool. kim is a whore. that sex tape skank is disgusting. kris is lucky to unload that trash. hope he gets the ring back, along with his dignity. i would have farted in her face too.


I thought he was an ugly jock from the start! His mouth over-rides his ass every time he opens it. He's an immature idiot. It had to be nothing but a sex issue! He's disrespectful to everyone, and he threw her around like a rag doll.Not to mention how he put her and her family down. Kim you made the right choice to divorce him! If you stayed, I can see that he would have hurt you physically. You stayed longer than I would have! The other thing, the way he attacked Johnathan, unbelievable!!!! you deserve lovr respect and happiness.


Jelousy gets you no where people! Kim K is one of the most beautiful people in the world, smart, sucessful, rich and business driven. She made a mistake and now has to deal with this. Humphries is a dumb ass!! I wouldnt deal with him either! Dont hate on other people just because you dont have what she has.


She sure is beeyoch!!! Kris is to good for her. She is Narcissist. All she cares about is her career and how she looks. she needs to find a guy that agrees with everything she says and does and also her family has to approve of him. I'm a firm believer of what comes around goes around....She only goes for losers.


That bitch seriously ruined his life. He can't get away from the skank. Poor guy. He probably won't ever live it down.
Never trust a bitch with a sex tape.


i'm with u felicia, kim k is a gold digging whore. kris was used and the fact is he wasn't black enuf for kim. she is a disgusting slimy tramp who should return the damn wedding ring to kris and crawl back into her STD-filled hole.


He's not a gold digger he has his own money and he doesn't need a pr team. To play basketball he only had one cause he was with kim he's better off with out her there so fake and from watching the show you see how far they'll go to try and make themselves look better they trashed and used the poor guy there really sad people used to be a fan until I've watches how thingsunfolded and how was basically used a s prop team Humphries its sad what people would do just to make a dollaror should I say what fake ass kim would do pathetic