Kim Kardashian Kashes In On Kate Middleton Birthday

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Kate Middleton turns 30 years old today, and Kim Kardashian is celebrating the milestone by doing what she does best:

Shilling for a company that pays her to stand around, read cue cards and accentuate her cleavage.

Indeed, Kim is featured in a random, stiff video that claims to wish the Duchess of Cambridge a very happy birthday... but is really exploiting the occasion by using it to release a special ShoeDazzle offer. The odds that Kim Kardashian has even heard of Kate Middleton?

Only slightly higher than the odds that Kris Jenner is standing immediately off-screen, telling her daughter exactly what to do and say.

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Seriously she has obviously heared of her otherwise she wouldn't wish her a happy birthday. Kim doesn't need to do things for publicity as enough people like her for herself, you journalist are the people writing bullshit for publicity and whatever publicity u give to kim just makes her more money that you will NEVER have. Take a leaf out of Kims book.. She has several businesses, clothing lines, perfumes.. And something u obviously will never have. Class!


She is becoming the Gene Simmons of Kardashians.. Check it out at Extreme Kardashian . com


vary nice moves vary nice pix


"Chances that Kim has even heard of Kate Middleton...."
... except for the fact that she wanted her wedding to be bigger than the royal wedding.


I want to kiss you!
because Beutiful


Last night for the first time I watched a full 1/2h of the show. What alot of garbage, I cannot believe that 3million of women are watching this garbage, obviously they are bored. It is completely scripted and still boring. Hopefully this will go the same way as the Gosselin woman. The sooner the better. To me she look like a retired porn star. Last night her and her mother were going on a camel ride with full make up and sky high heels. What is up with those heels anyway? One thing for sure money does not buy class. MB


I really used to like Kim K. but she has let fame get to her head and she acts like a frickin' baby most the time. Kris H will find
someone that is REAL and he will be happy. Kim, be like your sister Khloe and come down to our level. YOUR 15 MINUTES OF FAME IS ALMOST OVER!!!! JUST SAYIN'