John King Ignores Ron Paul, Gets Booed By Crowd at S.C. Debate

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John King did not have a good night Thursday.

At last night's CNN debate in Charleston, S.C., the network's moderator was absolutely eviscerated by Newt Gingrich after King brought up his ex-wife's recent interview in undoubtedly the event's most memorable exchange.

Not only that, he seemed to skip over Ron Paul - a doctor by trade - more than once, most notably during an exchange about the candidates abortion positions:

Following a back-and-forth between Republican presidential candidates Gingrich, Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum, King changed the topic, only to be booed by the crowd.

Because he had completely ignored the fourth candidate on stage, Paul.

Paul laughed off the oversight, noting “John, once again, it’s a medical subject and I’m a doctor!” Paul, an obstetrician, went on to weigh in on the subject.

The Texas Congressman voiced concerns about federal funding of institutions providing abortions, saying such decisions should be made on a state-by-state basis.

South Carolina's crucial primary takes place tomorrow.

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It is diacusting how they are trying to stay in power removing us the Americans from the picture. Paul has our backs. I own a agency that gets people jobs without taking a cut out the pay they earned. No other job agency does that. So I could relate to Paul. It takes 1 individual to start change.


Romas, I completely agree.As Irish and a citizen of planet earth I ask of you America, Please vote for Ron Paul!


Romas, I completely agree.As Irish and a citizen of planet earth


21 st century and due the technology and progress tha was made by mankind that countries decission is started to effect all world arrounf. Specialy USA as it’s influence across the world is amazing. Sadly not just Good one. I’m Lithuanian and for some people it’s very hard to imagine where following country is located. But i hope that you will understand that YOUR VOTE And I MEAN USA CITIZEN VOTE will effect my and my family life IN LITHUANIA. You will ask HOW and I will respond simple: by price of PETROL, GAS, FOOD, and EVEN Security. Currently it’s mess in USA and expanded to EU and what i can see as solutions is to clean starting point of MESS and Only CANDIDATE I can see to do that is RON PAUL to solve this MESS. READ what he will do as President and and crosscheck profile and by the BLESS of GOD after everythin you will read and dig Vote for RON PAUL – IT’s MATTER FOR USA AND IT's MATTER FOR US TOO.


King your an idiot! together with your friends, all of you are liars & decievers just like your father lucifer!, he was a liar & a deciever from the beginning and there is no truth in him. It's only obvious that the truth lies with Ron Paul, truth has very few friends. You people would rather commit treason against this nation and its people than to uphold its liberty & freedom. Power,control,greed is your only motivation, there is nothing in it for the people, this is a corrupt Government! You cannot be doing the same thing over and over and expect a different result!. It is time to end the tyranny!. It is time for real leadership,real change. We must stand on the side of liberty! Ron Paul is the one that will deliver it! Vote Ron Paul 2012.


John King is not a journalist - he's an airhead. First, his zionist airhead wife Dana Bash insults Dr. Paul, then he tries to ignore him. To make matters worse, the dummy practically handed the SC primary to Gingrich with his moronic opening question. CNN is a joke, and John King is the punchline.


Don't ever think Ron Paul won't put a Foot in somebody's Ass. My sources tell me that he will not hesitate to " Snatch a Reporter Ball Headed" at the drop of a Hat. If he gets "Jacked Up" on Red Bull-what he can do is nothing nice.


I am a Filipino, and I vote for Ron Paul!


kyle is a fag


Jake is a douche