Demi Lovato: The Triumphant (Temporary?) Twitter Return!

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Enjoy Demi Lovato on Twitter while you can, folks. It's unclear how long we'll have her here.

About a week after the singer announced a break from the social network, she returned on January 27 in order to answer a few fans questions via Seventeen magazine. (She also dispelled a rumor that she had relapsed into rehab, Tweeting to not "believe the hype" and saying "All is well!")

Demi Lovato: The People's Choice

Among the topics covered in Demi's Twitter-based interview:

The next single from her album will be "Give Your Heart a Break."

Her favorite role models include Kelly Clarkson, Eva Longoria and Rosario Dawson.

She likes most about her fans the fact that they "stick by [her] through everything.

Her biggest life lesson has been to never lose oneself.


She's okay in this picture, but like her old style better.


Ewww. For someone so young, she goes way overboard on the hair and makeup. Too much. She looks like Dita Von Teese. I know it's an award show but still, she can get away with so much less. Less is more in my opinion.


Demi looks HOT iwill always LOVE & SUPPORT HER NO MATTER WHAT I'am one of her biggest fans!!!! She is an AMAZING ACTRESS, ROLE MODEL, & SINGER.


I'm not even a huge fan (although I do like her), and I think she looks gorgeous in that picture. It's things like that comment that pushed her over the edge in the first place. Watch what you say. You never know who you could be hurting by hurling unsolicited insults.


ew. red is soo not her colour and she looks disgusting in that offence demi lovato fans

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Demi Lovato Biography

Many think Demi Lovato is being groomed to be the next huge Disney star. She appeared in the movie Camp Rock, alongside those gorgeous... More »
Dallas, Texas
Full Name
Demetria Devonne Lovato

Demi Lovato Quotes

I hope to do a collaboration with Kelly Clarkson. [She] has been my idol growing.

Demi Lovato

I'm very uncoordinated. I'm surprised I don't fall onstage more.

Demi Lovato