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Demi Lovato belts out "Give Your Heart a Break" in this video. The performance took place at the 2012 People's Choice Awards.

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Ok I know this is a late comment, but give her a break she could have just not been feeling that good, she did great......or she could have been a little nervous, you try getting in her shoes and get up on a huge stage like that and perform a song in front of a bunch of other talented celebs like that....its one thing to sing and perform infront of her fans at a concert, but its another thing to perform at the people choice awards!! ILY Demi! #lovatic4life<3


I think she did grate just her Singing Joice hadn't been tested in a long time.


my name is shelby and love demi lovato and jls tooo okasy xxxxxxxxxxx


She sang horrible! She used to sing much better. I think Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Katy Pery or Rihanna would have sang better.
Demi looks much fatter BTW. I dont hate her, actually i like her music, but she was terible dat night IMO


Wow Wat happen her vocie was pitchy man I wonder Wat caused tht hmmm :/


Omg! She was sooo pitchy! She was all over the place! Her voice itself is pretty but she couldn't keep a note to save her life! How embarrassing :(


@tashawn she just got out of rehab for an eating disorder she was suffering with so its been about a year since she sang. and I thought she did a really good job because she really tried and you can see she felt like she was doing amazing and her hair wasn't bad either


She was only a little off and at least she didn't do what a lot of artists do (lip synch ). Her hair wasn't that bad either!!


Shiit she probably started smoking cigarettes or pot. Hell all them Disney kids done turned into a mafucka. It wouldn't be the hugest Disney scandal. IJS THOUGH


Shiite she probably started smoking cigarettes or pot. Hell all them Disney kids done turned into a mafucka. It wouldn't be the hugest Disney scandal. IJS THOUGH

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