Brad Pitt: So Worried About Shiloh Being Bullied!

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Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's daughter Shiloh's sporting a shorter-than-ever hairdo these days. So short that one onlooker - gasp - mistook her for a boy. A boy!

Now, in the new issue of Life & Style, sources reveal that while the proud parents haved encourage their kids to be independent, Brad is increasingly concerned.

The scrutiny to which Shiloh is being subjected could be too much, he fears.

Worried About Shiloh!

"It would crush Brad if one of his kids was picked on," says a friend of Angie's.

And there's reason for the parents to be on edge over Shiloh, caution experts.

"This is a culture where kids get picked on if they don't look like other kids," points out an alleged psychotherapist. "Shiloh's already different - being the daughter of big stars - and ultimately, she may already feel ostracized because of that."

Brad is going to worry, but also doesn't want to pressure her. "I want [my kids] to explore that innocence as long as possible and find out what's really interesting to them," he has said. "I just don't want to encumber them in any way."

What's really interesting to THG? Stories about Brad getting Angelina Jolie pregnant and leaving her for Jennifer Aniston approximately 15 times per year.

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Shiloh is such a pretty name for a girl! Don't waste it little one!!! Jk. Anyways, Shiloh is young. People should get over how she isn't girly. Waaaayyyy to early to call her a lesbian. Until she is seen making out with a girl, or dating one, people shouldn't be too quick to judge. NOW WHOS WITH ME?


They shouldn't make up stories about people's children. That is so wrong. Until that kid decides she wants to go on TV or talk to a magazine when she's an adult and screwed up from all this attention tabloids should leave her alone.


kids show their sexual pref early in life. shiloh is showing her pref for being more masc. just like chastity bono, if brad keeps dressing this kid up like a girly girl rather than emprace her true self, she will suffer later in life. what is the problem with these fools? so shiloh is a lesbian? who cares! embrace it, brad! funny how much you emrace gays until you have to deal with one righbt in your own family! hypocrite!


All the stuff about her being a lesbian in my opinion is false. As a child i was a tomboy... i loved dressing like a guy because it was cool, guys are badass, and when your young and innocent you don't know what being gay is, you don't think about your sexuality. And the funny thing is i grew out of it. Im rather girly now. So you never know.


a little girl doesn't identify with her father! I don't see how anyway. I know I never did. I admired him, but I never identified with him..


She may just identify better with her brother and her father. A bit early to call the child a lesbian. Geez.


I think @Tally has a point...I wonder if Shiloh is dressed up to look like a boy because she really wants to, or because her mother needs to be the beautiful one. In my experience, children Shiloh's age adore their mothers and are really sensitive to what is expected of them, and Angelina has a really strong personality.


brad must be worried that shiloh is showing her lesbianism so early in life. he needs to talk to cher and chaz. it is so obvious to the rest of the world he will be gay. they already said she is a tomboy that hates girly clothes and prefers manly outfits. i mean, come on, we are not blind. we knew liberace was gay. same with clay aiken. some things are so obvious. these celebrities talk a good show about how they are all about gay rights, yet, brad is concerned because his daughter isn't acting all "girly"? give me a f-ing break! SHE'S GAY, BRAD - ACCEPT IT!




I wonder if Angelina's jealous of shiloh? She is so stunning!

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