Ben Flajnik on Shawntel Newton: Hot Girl, Bad Timing!

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That's what many viewers are saying after last night's Bachelor episode in which Shawntel Newton, from Brad Womack's season, entered the game unexpectedly.

Ben Flajnik, the star of this season, was caught at the center of the "$h!t storm" last night, and reacted similarly by the big twist designed to rile up the women.

In a new blog post, he explains why he sent Shawntel packing:

Handsome Ben Flajnik
Shawntel Newton

"So I have heard from everyone that makes this show happen that this was truly the craziest cocktail party and rose ceremony in Bachelor history," he writes.

"Having only seen one other season, I would have to agree. Wow. Nothing in my life would have ever prepared me for the $h!tstorm that happened that night."

"After watching, I didn't realize that the women were so mean to Shawntel and I was a bit taken aback," Ben reflects in the understatement of the year. "I mean I knew it was a bold move on Shawntel's part, but some of the women took it a bit too far."

"Shawntel and I had chatted a few times in between seasons and I thought she was an interesting, beautiful woman. She was right to assume there was a connection."

"There was, but the timing was wrong. So, you can imagine how surprised I was when she showed up to the cocktail party unannounced."

"I knew if I kept Shawntel around I would lose all the credibility I had built with these women and it wouldn't be easy to dig myself out of that hole."

"Let's put it this way - if Shawntel had started the journey with the rest of the women it might have been different. But I was already so happy with the group of women I had. I wasn't about to jeopardize the rest of my experience in trying to find love."

"I do want to thank Shawntel though for coming. She gave up a lot to try this and I really respect her for it."


I have never watched any of the prior shows. Thought it would be mindless and boring. When I came across the 1st episode 2 weeks ago I found myself starting to chuckle, then giggle, then laugh until I thought I would fall down at the antics of these so-called grown women. I am incredulous that adult women would act like this. Ben seems kind of sweetly clueless about everything, which makes the situations even more hysterical. Now I DVR it so that I can get my weekly fix of hilarity. And there are people out there who take this stuff seriously! Really! OMG I hope it stays on forever. It's been ages since I laughed like this.


I think Shawntel has major guts to even walk into that cocktail party, without knowing for certain what will happen. Props to her for it, it's unfortunate that Ben won't see the true personalities of a lot of the bitch's on this season and even more sad that apparently he ends up choosing Courtney, the biggest bitch of them all, who not to mention is so ugly...I don't know what he see's in her. Shawntel at least was genuine...I hope Reality Steve is wrong and Kacie B wins because she's the only one who seems real, gorgeous and sincere!


I have to say, courtney is an awful person. She is a model but she really isnt that pretty.. I hope she gets sent home in a very bad way. She is fooling the sh_it out of ben and he doesnt deserve that hateful annoying witch. And secondly, blakely needs to get her giant airhead out of her A$$.She thinks she is gods gift to man.. shes almost 40.. cougar. I really hope and pray that those two b*tches get sent packing asap.Ben deserves a nice woman and i think that could potentially be, Emily, Kacie B, Lindzi, and Jennifer.


Shawntel deserved a rose from you Ben. You are a nice man and you deserve a nice woman and Shawntel deserves a nice man. She brought out the true colours of the other women and Shawntel is a real winner. She outshone anyone else. You said she is a hot woman and you are right. She wasn't going to lose any time and she did what she had to do in a timely fashion and the problem is you made a bad decision which I hope you will reverse. Follow your heart and not the pressures of others. You know you felt for Shawntel. I admire Shawntel for her courage and the dignity and respect she has for others. She's looking for a life time partner, she saw you as being that partner. Isn't that wonderful that Shawntel wanted you that much! She's a winner!!


I know that this is too late but Ben, Shawntel is the perfect one for you!!!


If only Ben could see the reaction of these girls he would take a chance on Shawntel and forget about those mean spirited ladies who showed their true colors . I have never seen such immature, vicious, petty behavior.


After watching last nights episode, Somehow I want to write Shawntel and tell her she's been mine and my husbands favorite contestant all the seasons. Those girls last night were so mean because Shawntel blew them all out of the water. Of course Ben would choose her over them, although he didn't. I would have if I were him:)

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