Ali Fedotowsky: Seeking Jewish Boyfriend!

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Former Bachelorette star Ali Fedotowsky has a type.

That type is apparently a Jewish guy with a sense of humor. Basically, the 27-year-old Massachusetts native's taste could be summarized as "good."

Newly single at the Bachelorette / Bachelor reunion held at The Mirage in Las Vegas, last weekend, she confessed her weakness for certain guys.

"I tend to like nice, funny Jewish boys," she said, adding that while she's not looking to date right now, she reveals she's open to it. Calling J-daters!

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So who's her dream celebrity date? An SNL funnyman who had a Jewish upbringing. "Andy Samberg," she told Life & Style. "He's so funny."

She's a cutie, Andy. Might want to pick up the phone.

Ali Fedotowsky and Roberto Martinez, who proposed to her on The Bachelorette season finale of in 2010, split in November after an 18 month engagement.

"We were trying to establish ourselves individually," A-Fed recently said of the breakup. "But a relationship should be solid regardless of circumstances."



Hi ali, watch you thru out the whole season and hoped you were to get the best.but for other reasons it seems like it didn't work out this time. Anyway I hear you like funny jewish guys well that's definitely a good choice sound like the person who I am .give me a reply and will take it from there. Thanks hope to hear from you.


Matt Mitchell - Melanie, you and your falimy are in our thoughts. I know Ali will be with you forever. Your falimy bond is not one that can be broken.


Ali is a self centered egotistical psycho wannabe relevant moron. She is yesterday's crumbs, todays floor sweepings. Roberto and Chris L got spared the wrath of this parasite. Next.


Drinks and good times with friends equal loose tongues. She has said she was kidding on her facebook site... Give her a break!


So, in other words, she wants to date someone in Hollywood with money.


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