Alex Roldan Rumored to Be Khloe Kardashian's Father

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O.J. Simpson is not Khloe Kardashian's real father. Let's be real, people.

But might it be Alex Roldan?!?

Shot of Khloe Kardashian

Roldan has served as Kris Jenner's hairstylist for 30 years and, well.... that's about it. But readers of Hollywoodite dot com have advanced the theory that he may have fathered Khloe because he's close to Kris and he sort of looks like the youngest Kardashian daughter. See for yourself here:

Khloe and Alex Roldan

Roldan is also featured in the video for "I Love My Friends," which Kris Jenner apparently recorded and which we're not making up.

It's amazing to behold. Check it out below and look for Roldan's appearance around the 3:15 mark:

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Hey Khloe :) no matter what any body says ,you are your fathers daughter and NOBODY can ever change that !! You shouldn't have to justify that to any one . You such a lovely person and it sucks when people try to bring you down ,but I know you'll manage to get through it xxx with love all the way from South Africa


Hey Khloe :) no matter what any body says ,you are your fathers daughter and NOBODY can ever change that !! You shouldn't have to justify that to any one . You such a lovely person and it sucks when people try to bring you down ,but I know you'll manage to get through it xxx


Khloe - face it,'re a half-Cuban and illegitimate. Don't take the DNA test and stay in denail if you cannot handle that.


Khloe I've been in your shoes before my dad passed away 10 years ago and l was actually told by my dads sister and my oldest sister that my dad wasn't my dad and he backed them up just because my mom also had an affair but had it while she was pregnant with me . I confronted her .. it was total bs I am my fathers daughter and I believe in my heart you are your dads daughter . Screw all the sick people and show their a***s you are his child . I've been a huge fan since the first season don't sweat it girl we know you are !!!!!!!


And now that I really look at the pik they really don't like that much alike and I swear ppl look for anything to talk about


It doesn't mean he fatered her


1st of all I LOVE YOU KHLOE yyour my fav kardashian lol and hope to meet you .Yea she doesn't reaemble he sister's. But if you look at Khloe and 4obert they basically have the same face frame. Not all sibling look alike or resemble; if you look at kim&kourt look alike, khloe&robert look alike,kendell&keily look alike. And yea her and Roldan share same feature a lot of ppl look like other ppl or favor them. Just becus he was apart of their moms life for a long time does mean he fathered khole.


and people are saying she should get a dna u will believe her except d results say dat Alex is her dad.if some of us are given the opportunity to be a celebrity,they will be worse.I bet some of these haters do drugs and all sort of freaky things,just bcos u are not under the camera everyday u feel u can come and criticicise another person.for example look at d kind of things people confess to doing at the Jerry Springer show.and they are not celebs.leave kardashians alone.they are better than many people i know,much better.


I am really shocked at d kind of hateful words dat come out of people's mouth.I dont care abt Kardashians or anything,but put urself in this lady's shoes. How will u feel if people just wake up one day and start questioning ur paternity just bcos of a stupid resemblance to another man.and how can people that I know are not virgins open their mouths to call another person a whore.stop d hating.Most of d time 99% of rumours abt these celebrities are all false.I dont believe them.Live ur live and allow celebrities to live theirs.u dont need to watch them or read abt them if u dont want to.Get a life.


wow... did nobody else notice that Kris had a ton of her friends in that video? Im pretty sure OJ Simpson was also in it... Taking a DNA test will not do any good because there will always be people out there who can not stand to live their own lives without butting their nose into somebody elses life as well.... Khloe proves that she is strong by not posting the results of a DNA test, if any have been done, for the world to pick apart. Lets face it people... if she did take one and post it then people would just say she faked it... I mean really. Kim had her ass xrayed to prove it was real but how many of you believed her? Live your own lives... enjoy the Kardashians but stop trying to shame their name. GROW UP PEOPLE