Trio of X Factor Finalists Land Record Deal

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The X Factor may have crowned Melanie Amaro as its first champion, but that talented singer isn't the only contestant to benefit from her time on the show.

Sources confirm that Josh Krajcik, Chris Rene and Astro will all sign recording contracts with Sony Music, encouraging news for the second, third and seventh place finishers, respectively.

Krajcik, of course, quickly became a fan favorite after viewers both heard his soulful voice and learned he had been working at a fast food Mexican restaurant.

Rene, meanwhile, earned a large fan base due to his dancing and energy on stage, while Astro - real name: Brian Bradley - was the most controversial crooner on the show, a rapping savant with a cocky attitude that turned off many viewers.

We wish all the very best of luck!

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I remember watching Idols and Adam Lambert came second who has released brilliant music - where is Chris Allen who won. I am a big fan of talent shows and appreciate the talent that is out there. I am a Rachel Crow, Melanie Amaro, Josh Krajcik and Adam Lambert fan - no I am not a person that listen's to life stories I listen to music and I am not a youngster either I am 62 years old that knows what she likes.


i love eminen i love keny west i love chris rene.


i love chris rene music chris talent chris originality
i buy chris album


I wish Racael crow the best there is in the world, really loved that kid


I just relistened to Josh Krajcik's Hallahilla and love him more than ever, I have been a music fan for 60 years and think he has one of the finest voices, it gives me chills. He must record many albums.


No record company is going to sign someone they are not sure will make them money. Astro will make them a lot of money and so will Melanie. I think Josh will do well also. It's riskier with Chris because it's hard to know just how much of his success was based mostly on his story. I doubt "story" had anything to do with Melanie or Josh fan support. Astro either.


Chris is great People go through so much .It is so good to have a motovator like Chris .You made a lot of peoples think twice about believing .


what are you taking about. astro all the way. so if you dont liike astro you are **** *** ******* AND YOU ARE [STUPID]


ass-throw will fail because the only ones interested in him are inner city losers who dont work so they wont pay for his music, so ass-throw will not sell any records and will be dropped from record label. anyone can see this train wreck coming.


@ Augustman sod off u imp!!!! astro is just a kid just in the event ur lil minds didnt know this. a kid with mad talent!!!