Steve Jones: Exiting The X Factor?

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The X Factor is down to three contestants: Melanie Amaro, Chris Rene and Josh Krajcik.

In a week, meanwhile, the Fox singing competition may also be down one host.

Steve Jones Promo Photo

Sources tell Deadline that Steve Jones will not be asked back for season two, as fans really haven't taken to the Brit. He was initially paired with Nicole Scherzinger as host, but then Cheryl Cole was removed from the judging table prior to the season kicking off and Scherzinger took her place.

It's far too early to know who will take over for Jones, but Nicole could head back on stage again and a new judge could be brought in next fall.

Will you miss Steve Jones on The X Factor?


The Jones jerk acts more likw a game show hos or a Barnum & Bailey entertainer. He is nothing like Ryan Seacrest
The show is not as good as American Idol. They have corrected their mistakes. X Factor has no Variety as for the contestants..Too much Rap...To many singers hollering and yelling and trying to sing and the audience cannot understand the lyrics. So Simon clean it up or the show will go under or go back across the pond


Riley, did I strike a nerve or something? I agree with you about Nicole she needs to be shown the door as well. I agree with you about real talent winning X-Factor like Melanie or Josh. What I do not understand is how you think Steve Jones is a great host? Have you seen the show? The man interupts the judges every chance he gets and laughs about it. He makes unnecessary comments to the judges (ex LA RUDE comment) just last week and then cuts him off. Another example: After Rachael Crow left-he asks Nicole for a comment when clearly did not want to speak about it. Riley, do me a favor, watch the show first and then make intelligent conversation or witty or something. ANYBODY CAN DROP F-BOMBS.


@RA FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You don't know one thing about being a host. So FUCK OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Its about time. He does not know how to act on one of these shows. He interupts the judges all the time and asks for comments at the wrong times. I thankful he is gone. But there is a good thing about Steve Jones-at least he is not A BIGGER TOOL THAN CARSON DALY. PLEASE X-FACTOR STAY AWAY FROM CARSON DALY.


Steve is a great host Nicole should be kicked off the X Factors. If she becomes host heck half the world would stop watching!!!!