Michele Bachmann-Donald Trump Ticket in 2012?

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GOP Presidential candidate Michele Bachmann will not be her party's nominee.

Sorry, hardcore believers out there. It's not personal, it's just not happening. But why let that stop her from speculating on who she'd pick as her Vice President in 2012?

"I have just the highest respect for Rick Santorum. He's a very sharp guy, and I could easily see making him attorney general," Bachmann tells the Des Moines Register.

Another name on the Minnesota Congresswoman's short list: The Donald!

Bachmann, Trump

Who are three Republicans who will not be the next President?

"We've got a lot of wonderful candidates who would fit that bill. Easily comes to mind I think would be Jim DeMint of South Carolina. Marco Rubio of Florida," she told CNN.

"There's a lot of great people out there. And Donald Trump is someone that I think a lot of people would be intrigued with, too," added Bachmann, hilariously.

Trump, of course, toyed with the idea of running for U.S. President himself this year, then backed down, implying he could've won if he tried, but wasn't up for it.

He's the best.


You stupid liberal idealists! You know that you are wrong, socialism has not, nor, will not work! You need to grow up ! You need to realize that conservatilism , capitalism , is the answer to all our country's needs. Why is that so hard for you to understand ?? Jeez could you get a clue ?? Dennis


Michele Bachmann exists in her own strange, paranoid, neo-conservative world. Facts and reality mean nothing to her. She spouts nonsense so often that on Politifact, she is the only politician who says factually incorrect statements 100% of the time! She'd be hilarious if she weren't so scary. As for Trump, everyone knows he's a giant blowhard, & Santorum is a backwards fool. Everybody reading this should google 'santorum' & see what comes up. It's funny!

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